Yoga for Sex: Boost Your Libido with Yoga

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Finding it hard to reach the big O? Try Yoga! Yes, you heard it right. Yoga can up your libido and improve your sexual performance. The lack of a healthy lifestyle could well be the reason for a lack of libido.  Rekha Shetty, a Mumbai-based yoga instructor, says, “Depression and stress are the main reasons women face sexual problems today.”

The best thing about yoga is that it de-stresses you. Breathing exercises help you relax, and when you’re de-stressed sex becomes that much more interesting, don’t you think? What’s more, yoga increases your self-awareness and personal comfort levels, while making you more empathic towards your partner’s sexual needs. For instance, Agnisaar – a breathing exercise helps you relax and stimulates your senses. Agnisaar involves holding your breath and pushing your abdomen in and out as much as you can. However, as much as we might like to pick up these yoga asanas instantly, a yoga exercise like Agnisaar,takes a lot of practice. But here’s what you can do to take your libido to the next spiritual level:

Strengthen your Pelvic Muscles: 
Stronger pelvic muscles obviously mean better orgasms. Yoga will also mean a more flexible you, which in turn means better sexual performance. Enter – yoga asanas that help strengthen your pelvic muscles.

“Concentrating on the mooladhari chakra (chakra related to the cervix) will help,” says Rekha. “Lie in a comfortable position and focus your energy on the cervix. Inhale and exhale slowly while continuing to do so. This will definitely help you increase your libido,” she says. Concentrating on your cervix is just the first step towards making your pelvis strong.

Here are the asans that will help make your pelvis stronger:

The dog pose or the Adho-mukha-svanasana will help strengthen your hip muscles and stimulate your entire body, especially the back.

How to do the Adho-mukha-svanasana:Step one: Get down on all fours with your knees as wide as your hips.
Step two: Now arch your spine and look upwards as you inhale.
Step three: Exhale and raise your knees from the ground and slowly push away from the floor so that you resemble an inverted V. While at this pose, pull in your pelvis muscles/uterus in as you inhale and push it out as you exhale.

Step four: Slowly come back to the original position.
The camel pose 
is great for flexibility.

Here’s how to do the Camel Pose:Step one: Go down on your knees. Step two: Now, slowly bend back as you try to reach your ankles. Step three: Hold this pose up to five counts.
Step four: Slowly come back to the starting position and repeat.

After you practice this pose, make sure you bring your head down on the floor and hold for a while.

Yoga enhances your energy levels too and gives you the stamina for longer performances. That’s not all! Yoga is also a window to different sexual positions! Do you need more reasons? We’ll give you one more anyway! Yoga gives you a much stronger and toned body. Now what can be a bigger turn on than that?

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