Yo-Yo Diet – Everything You Need To Know About Yo – Yo Diet

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Are you concerned about regaining all the lost weight within a short period of time? Keeping off the weight that has been lost through hard work can be a real problem when you get back to your normal routine. Most people go on crash or fad diet to lose those extra inches. This could be to get into your favorite dress or jeans, or to wear your swimsuit during summer. Many follow the fad Yo-Yo diet plan for short-term weight loss.

What Is Yo-Yo Diet?

Yo-Yo dieting is characterized by a repeated loss and regain of body weight. The weight loss can be marginal like 5-10 pounds per cycle, or huge weight loss like 50 pounds or more. This is also known as weight cycling. Kelly D. Brownell, an American scientist and professor, first coined the term “yo-yo diet”. He is an expert in obesity and weight control at Yale University. To lose weight quickly, many people starve, skip meals or go on fad diets that are low in calories. Initially the body loses fat and muscles. When the body realizes that its energy source is short, its defense mechanism of famine response kicks in. The body starts using the lean muscles and tissues for energy to protect the storage of fat.

In due course, the metabolic rate comes down as the body adapts to the change. After carrying on a starvation diet for a long period, the metabolism may not come back to its original form even when you are back to your normal diet. This can cause weight gain. In many cases, you would not only gain what you lost during the dieting period, but also gain excess weight, as your metabolism is slower.

After-Effects Of Yo-Yo Dieting:

You end up with a thinner and flabbier body instead of a toned one with this kind of dieting. The constant loss and gain of weight leaves people with flabbier arms. This is due to the loss of triceps muscle mass. Yo-Yo dieting is mainly taken up by people who do not involve much physical activity. They are the ones who do not exercise and believe in losing weight through dieting alone. This kind of dieting is not good for a healthy body’s normal muscle to fat ratio.

Psychological Effects:

Initially people on the yo-yo diet tend to lose a large amount of weight. They feel happy and light. But after an initial loss, they reach a plateau where they begin to struggle with the weight loss. The metabolism becomes less effective with each dieting period. You may not get the desired result each time you go on a diet. Once back to a routine diet, you end up gaining more weight than you actually lost. This eventually leads to de-motivation and depression. It can have a negative psychological effect on you. An eating disorder is also an after-effect of yo-yo dieting.


Most fad diets lack all kinds of nutrients and minerals needed by the body. People on such diets consume foods low in calories. These diets include fewer carbohydrates, low fat, low protein, low calcium, etc. Due to starvation or crash dieting, they can end up losing hair, experience low energy, less concentration and bad health. You might also suffer from osteoporosis. It could also lead to other diseases in the long run.

Healthy Weight Loss Is Better:

It is better to consume a healthy diet rather than opting for yo-yo dieting. Elimination of fat and greasy foods and inclusion of healthy carbohydrates will yield long lasting results. An increase in physical activity like moderate exercise or playing a game, along with a healthy diet is better than yo-yo dieting.

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