Why Your Sandwich is High in Calories & Low in Nutrition


You cannot go wrong with a sandwich when you are trying to lose weight . Sandwiches are the quickest and easiest food that tops your list when you are on a diet. Smear mayo, slap a cheese slice on it and top it off with beautifully flavoured potato patty or tender chicken breast. Sandwiches are ideal for bachelors, those living alone, and when you are pressed for time. But is your sandwich fattening and is it the reason for build-up of gas? Here’s what you need to know about making an ace sandwich with high nutritional value and without the side effects of high calories.

What You Ought to Know: Calories in Your Regular Sandwich

100gms of Grilled Cheese Sandwich contains 350 calories and 19gms of fat.

146gms of Egg and Cheese Sandwich contains 340 calories and 19gms of fat.

1 Chicken Fillet Sandwich contains 515 calories and 29gms of fat.

1 Vegetable Sandwich with potato, onion and cucumber contain 204 calories.

As you can see, your sandwich is not exactly healthy. Let’s evaluate what is making you fluffy.

One slice of White Bread contains 66 calories with very little nutritional value. The spread is another culprit in increasing calories – one tablespoon of Cheese contains 44 calories, while 100gms of mayonnaise is loaded with 680 calories. The all-time Indian favourite vegetable sandwich, that is easily available anywhere in India, uses boiled potatoes that can increase overall calories of this popular snack. To add to the bounty of calories, if you use meat with fat on it, you are consuming animal fat which can do a number on your arteries and tissues. This is no reason to give up on making a sandwich, you just need the right ingredients.

What You Ought to Do: Get these Healthy Ingredients

There are several types of wholegrain breads available besides whole wheat bread. It is packed with carbohydrates, fibre and minerals. For the spread, try green chutney or tomato chutney, it uses fresh ingredients with various antioxidants. To entice your taste bud, you can coat the bread with nut butters like peanuts, almonds or cashews, as these are rich in protein and good fats that is necessary to lower bad cholesterol. You do not have to ditch the fattening cheese, but spread some mozzarella and feta cheese which are healthier options.

Nutritionists always advice to eat balanced and colourful foods. Hence, instead of cured meats and pickles, prepare herbed or spiced chicken that is grilled or baked and keeps the meat succulent. Vegetarians can spread hummus that is prepared with chickpeas or Bengal grams and improves skin and hair and high in protein; tahini is prepared with sesame and good source of antioxidants, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, or a healthy vegetarian patty. Bean dip is also a healthy spread to re-use the leftovers from your party. For the crunch, opt for a salsa dressing to finish it off. Or go simple and dice some olives, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and capsicums.

You can also use these healthy ingredients to make a wrap, kathi roll or a ‘Frankie’. Instead of a maida-based wrap that increases glucose and calories, you can try chappatis for a wholesome meal. You can slice the roti, add the fillings and you have a Panini. You don’t have to give up the best things in life, just use your imagination and Google to control your weight.

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