Why Sex is Healthy

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Ever wondered about why sex is considered healthy? Is it the fast tempo, the deep breathing, the body weight movements, or the mental and physical pleasures that offer a much-needed break from daily monotony? Right from mood swings to a true blue workout, sex works your body and mind like no other exercise or fitness routine can. If you still don’t believe us, take a quick look at how and why sex is healthy…We guarantee you’ll be convinced.

Sex is Good for Your Mood Swings!
Sex helps the body produce endorphins, otherwise known as the good mood hormones that help elevate spirits. This mood elevation occurs at a chemical level, and is certifiably the most fun you can have without adding any nefarious products to your blood stream. Also, if you’re feeling over-anxious and need to be tranquillised, sex makes that better too – just before you hit orgasm central, your brain releases oxytocins, a hormone that calms your nerves. Sex also releases the ‘female’ hormone estrogen, which by now all of you should know is the number one solution for stomach aches resulting from PMS (otherwise known as my-wife-is-making-my-life-miserable Syndrome).
Sex is the Only Workout that Doesn’t Need a Gym, Mat, or Instructor.
Various studies maintain that daily sex can help you lose weight and tone your body. Sex burns as many calories as any treadmill, swimming pool or weight training workout. Right from the obvious lower body muscle groups to the abdomen and arms, every muscle in your body will benefit from healthy doses of good sex. What’s more, sex helps your body’s production of collagen, which is largely responsible for smooth, glowing skin. Progesterone, another by-product of sexual activity, helps a person fight acne.

Sex Will Even Make You Smarter!
Several studies over time have concluded that orgasms result in heightened brain activity. A latent derivative of sex and intelligence can be observed in a 2008 North Carolina sex study, which found that women are likelier to pick brains over brawn when looking for sexual partners. So while flirtations and other social activities could lead women towards dumb jocks, the need to have sex can lead them to a brighter future. The health jury’s still out on that one, but our verdict is in – sex makes life (and as a result us) smarter.
Sex Boosts Immunity.
In February 2009 a Nottingham University study concluded that men who enjoy regular (three or four times a week) sex, are at a lower risk of developing prostate cancer and other diseases. Other studies have also found that sex boosts the human immune system and as a result we have better chances of not catching infectious diseases like the flu and cold.
Sort of makes you wonder if the fitness industry’s boom, right after the birth of prudish behaviour in the 70s, was conspired. If you’re still not convinced about why sex is healthy, have a look at this – A 2008 study published in the British Medical Journal, found that more women in their 70s are enjoying good sex. The result? These sexually active (much) older women are enjoying satisfactory, pleasant and healthy lives, besides looking years younger than their frumpy counterparts. We rest our case.

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