Why Does Exercise Make Your Face Red?

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Just about every time you workout, you start seeing your facing turning red. Sometimes it lasts for a very long time and sometimes it goes away right after you have stopped. And often it can be very embarrassing because people start looking at you.

According to dermatologists, our skin type plays an important role in how it responds to exercises. However, our clothing and the type of weather outside can help or hurt our skin problems related to workout. Let’s discuss some of the reasons as to why the face flushes red when some of us are working out!

You Are Very Fit:

One of the most important reasons why some of us turn red while working out is because we are too fit! Yes, you read that right! Let’s learn how.

The body eliminates heat by sweating and also by dilating the blood vessels. This increases the blood flow all over the skin. Recent studies have shown that men and women who are physically fit and workout regularly tend to have about 40% extra blood on their skin than people who don’t. This is basically an adaptation that allows most fit people and athletes to eliminate heat from their body. This allows them to workout harder without over heating themselves.

Other Reasons:

Being very fit is not the only reason you could be getting red on the face. There are other factors that could be playing an important role. A red face could be a sign of nausea or heat stroke. Dizziness and fatigue also play an important role. Exercise can also lead to a skin condition named rosacea where the skin often flushes with redness. People with fair skin usually face this particular problem. Some people are also prone to hives, which gets induced because of exercise. This comes with stomach cramps as well as itchiness.

What Is The Bottom Line?

Well the bottom line is that a red face usually indicates higher levels of fitness and nothing else. But if you feel like it’s bothering you a little too much, then you might consult a doctor. Usually these problems occur when you start seeing other symptoms, such as an upset stomach, dizziness or excessive itching. In case you notice these signs off late, don’t wait for too long. Visit your doctor before it becomes serious.

How Can You Prevent This?

There are ways in which you can prevent this problem! All you have to do is use moisturizers that suit your skin type. Ingredients, such as zinc, thermal spring water and lico rice extract will make the skin resilient from before. Also keep yourself away from treatments that harm your skin and irritate it. Acne products or retinol could be included in this too.

Is There A Cure?

You can cure red flashes on your face by using some of the simple home remedies and tips. Have a look:

  • Take a cucumber, slice them and place them all over the face. Now close your eyes and rest for 15 minutes. Take if off and wash with cold water.
  • Take some water and clay in a bowl. Mix this well. Now add a fruit that is pureed. Create a fresh and thick paste. Apply the mixture on your face and keep it that way for 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water.
  • You can also try a mask made of oatmeal and cucumber. Wash it off 15 minutes later.

Please relax! That red flush is nothing to worry about! In fact, generally a flushed face indicates a healthy body—that is some good news. So, don’t let this simple inconvenience keep you from enjoying your workout routine! Keep exercising!

Do you get a flushed face while working out? Has it ever led to any further serious problem? Share with us.

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