Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More?


In a room full of people, you’re the only one who gets bitten by mosquitoes. What makes you a delicacy for mosquitoes? Here are reasons why you are a magnet for mosquitoes, check out why you’re cursed with itches.

Why do mosquitoes bite?

Only the female mosquitoes bite as they are in search on isoleucine which is essential to produce amino acids. This acid is a protein which is important for humans and mosquitoes. The female mosquitoes need protein to develop eggs. Hence isoleucine is vital for mosquitoes and it is best sourced from the blood vessels.

Why are mosquitoes attracted to some people ?

The study is still ongoing to pinpoint the reasons that attract mosquitoes to certain humans. But some hypotheses suggest the following:

1) Blame your parents, genetics is one reason for being a mosquito magnet. It’s in your DNA.

2) Chemicals on the skin attract mosquitoes, but researchers have to narrow down the body chemistry that makes you a magnet.

3) Steroids and cholesterol on the surface of the skin makes you susceptible to mosquito bites. That does not imply that mosquitoes target obese individuals or those with excess fat. It simply implies that these individuals process cholesterol efficiently that surfaces to the skin.

4) High levels of uric acid and emit carbon dioxide attract mosquitoes. Pregnant women and large individuals emit excessive carbon dioxide, making them attractive to mosquitoes.

5) Heat and movement also makes you prone to mosquito bites.

6) Beer emitted from the body attracts mosquitoes.

7) Certain bacteria on the skin also attract you to mosquito bites.

There is a lot more we need to understand about mosquitoes and what attracts certain humans to them. If you are a prey to mosquitoes, wear full-sleeve clothes in public to dispel the emission of carbon dioxide from your body and preferably stick to indoor activities especially after dark.

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