What Should Be My Ideal Healthy Weight?

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What is healthy weight?

Wondering what your ideal weight should be? Ever thought in terms of healthy weight? One’s ideal weight is decided according to various contributing factors. The focus of today’s generation is not only on how much money they make but also how they make it and at what cost. When we say cost, it is not the cost of living. It is the costs in terms of personal health, family time, time for oneself and others as well as the impact of their actions on their long term well-being and nature.

What is weight?

In scientific terms, your weight is nothing but mass multiplied by the gravitational force (g) with which the earth pulls all things towards itself. Yet in the real world, weight is a societal index and norm to measure the general well-being of an individual. It is one of the easiest and best ways to measure’s a person’s well-being. A higher weight could mean trouble, and this stands true for less weight too. If you are over-weight, it would mean you are eating too much, much more than required, storing it all as fat in your body, restricting your blood vessels, slowing your heart down, reducing your own level of activity, giving way to blood pressure etc. And it just cascades into a series of infections and health problems, one triggered by another.

What is healthy weight?

There is no one way to say what weight is healthy. While some people look skinny, they weigh more than the normal person next to them. Sometimes people have high bone density and this makes it difficult for them to bring down their weight on the weighing scale. Today we have a basic outline, chart or guide based on the following factors to give us a clear direction of what healthy weight for the body entails:-

  • Height: The single most contributing factor considered to measure weight is height. Taller the person, more they would weigh.
  • Age: With age, certain changes are set into motion in the human body, which can cause individuals to gain weight. Age becomes a major factor when measuring your ideal healthy weight.
  • Body Mass Index: The latest development when it comes to measuring one’s ideal weight is the BMI or body mass index, calculated based on one’s height, weight, fat percentage, age and daily physical activity.
  • Body Shape: Sometimes a person’s body shape would impact his/her healthy weight.

All the above are major contributing factors when it comes to calculating the ideal healthy weight for any individual. None of the above can be avoided or ignored when one looks at weight. Also, there are many easy healthy weight calculators available online to help you. Many companies also take mandatory tests to ensure their employees are on the healthier side and aware of their basic statistics.

What could possibly be wrong if you are not at your healthy weight?

If you are overweight or obese, (yes, there is a difference between the two) you could be suffering from a medical condition, may be a malfunction of the thyroid, side effects of some medicines you have been taking or other underlying reasons a doctor could help uncover.

In most cases, overweight and obesity are the result of lack of physical activity complemented by changing food habits that include more fast food and high calorie intake on a daily basis. We are so surrounded by food at all times that it is almost impossible to avoid!

The need of the hour is to pump up your activity levels, watch what you eat, know what your ideal (healthy) weight is and maintain it.

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