What Is The Right Way To Wash Your Face?

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You want a beautiful looking skin. We all do. But how many of us know how to actually wash our faces? No, splashing some water and scrubbing the face with a face wash for a few seconds does not count! Your skin needs pampering, attention and proper care to really bloom. Washing your face the right way can indeed make a huge difference, even without making modifications to your current skin care regimen. But we are all guilty of doing a hurried job, paving way for the pores to be clogged by dirt, oil, and other irritants, triggering acne and other skin problems. Have you ever thought about spending a minute more on washing the face correctly? A miniature massage in reality, washing your face allows you to eliminate unwanted dead cells, dirt and makeup. A correct face wash is all you need for a glowing, younger looking skin. Take a quick look through this guide to know the best way to wash your face and start following the routine.

Here is the Best Way to Wash your Face!

1. Use clean hands

Wash your hands with a gentle, yet powerful hand wash before touching the face. Unwashed hands are a storehouse of germs and dirt. In the hurry to finish the task, we end up transferring these uninvited guests to our face.

2. Remove makeup:

Before washing your face with face wash or a mild soap, make sure that you remove your makeup with the help of some oil or a makeup remover. Dab a little coconut oil on your face with your fingers and massage gently in a circular motion and then wipe off with a clean cotton swab to remove the makeup.

3. Rinse with lukewarm water:

Splash a little lukewarm water on your face to wet it. Never use hot water as they could deprive your skin of moisture. While lukewarm water helps in unclogging the pores, it also makes sure that the moisture is locked.

4. Opt for a soap free cleanser:

Choose a soap free gentle cleanser with a pH balance that’s right for your skin. While a creamy moisturizing cleanser is ideal for dry skin, gel based ones work well on oily skins. People with normal skin can choose milky foaming cleansers, and if your skin is sensitive, choose a very mild one. Opt for cleansers with natural ingredients. Stay away from drying cleansers even if you have oily skin as they strip the natural oils from the skin.

5. Cleanse deeply and gently:

Squeeze out a dime-sized quantity of the cleanser on your wet fingers, work to form lather, and massage onto your skin in gentle upward and circular motions. Focus on the oily areas – nose, forehead, and chin as they need more attention. Then, work on the rest of the face. Massage your face for at least 45 to 60 seconds for deep cleansing. Apply around the eyes just before washing your face, as the eye area is very gentle. Make sure you repeat the same procedure on the often-neglected neck also.

6. Massage with muslin:

Use a soft, clean, muslin cloth, dipped in warm water, to massage your face in gentle, circular motions. Make sure that the cloth does not contain moisture in excess. Dispose the cloth after every use and replace it with a new one whenever you need. While this is an optional procedure, following this will actually help in getting rid of the dirt completely from the face. Moreover, since it has a gentle exfoliating action, your face turns quite smooth and bright. Make sure you massage the areas behind the eyes, around the corners of nose, and on the hairline.

7. Rinse with cool water:

Make a note here: it is cool water and not cold water. Rinse twice or thrice so that the cleanser is completely rinsed off.

8. Pat your face gently:

With the help of a clean, soft cotton cloth or towel, pat dry your face in very gentle way. Do not use any other cloth as only cotton has absorption properties.

9. Tone up:

Apply a toner that is ideal for your skin. Toning the skin is essential to ensure that your face has been cleansed thoroughly and is free from makeup, dirt, and even the cleanser. Once again, opt for a toner infused with natural ingredients for better results. A proper cleansing routine could be the answer to all your skin concerns, as everything from skincare to makeup works best with a clean skin. Washing your face the right way consumes time, but the process is worth every minute spent. So learn the right way to wash your face and show off your cleansed, radiant skin!

Now that you understood the best way to wash face, how about including this washing regime in your skin care routine? Feel free to share your comments on this!

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