Weight Gain Meal Plan – How To Gain Weight Easily By Following This Plan

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In today’s date while most of us battle with the issues of increasing weight and obesity, there are many who face issues of being underweight! Being underweight does not mean that there is a health problem but it can definitely have an impact on living a healthy life. Being underweight can bring complacency, keeping the person unaware of any underlying medical problems or deficiencies. So, before one sets on a weight gain meal plan, it is important to understand the root cause being underweight.

What can Cause a Person to be Underweight?

Before you make changes to your diet to ensure weight gain, it is important to understand the root cause of being underweight. Is it merely due to the fact that you eat less or is it because of an underlying health problem? For example, insulin imbalance in diabetic people can cause drastic weight loss. Or is it purely genetic? First, you need to analyze your own lifestyle, eating habits, the medicines you are consuming, any probable depression or anxiety issues, all of which can keep you from gaining weight. The best way to start this is to visit a doctor and get routine tests, such as blood and urine checks, to establish the root cause of your body’s inability to gain weight.

The Way Forward to Weight Gain Meal Plan: 

Once the reason for weight loss is known, the person can embark on a weight gain meal plan. The aim is to eat enough to make sure that the body gets its daily dose of energy and calories, along with a little extra to enable the body to store it as fat. Depending on the body’s metabolic rate, one can add weight gain supplements too.

Food Intake Plan to Gain Weight Easily:

Many people who are underweight tend to eat less than required or simply never feel the inclination to eat. But it is important to eat appropriate food and include regular food intake if you want to gain weight. Ensure to add these foods to your meal to gain weight and good health too:

  • Start taking full fat and cream milk to gain weight, start with two cups a day and increase if you can to 3 to 4 cups a day.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, start more meat, egg, and fish as well as add more protein to your daily food intake. Boil eggs, make omelets or scramble them and have them with white bread for extra calories. Add coffee with sugar to your food to increase energy and calorie intake.
  • Make sure you have fruits like bananas and add more vegetables to your daily food.
  • Consume more saturated fats like ghee or butter more generously.
  • Replace honey with regular sugar, unsaturated oils like olive oil with saturated fats like home-made butter, cream etc.
  • Visit a nutritionist. He will be able to guide you through all that you need to do to gain weight.
While there are some changes you can make to increase weight, make sure it is in consultation with your doctor. Once all the test reports come back clean, you will know that you are ready to change the way you eat! But do remember to gain ‘good’ weight! Exercise—that will ensure you gain muscle mass instead of just fat! Finally, embrace your body! If you are healthy without any medical issues, your body type can simply be genetic. Not much you can do about that.
Sometimes, when you stop worrying about your weight, you gain weight.
Stay healthy—that is the bottom line.
Are you unable to gain weight? 
Have you tried eating more or eating the foods mentioned in this article? Did it work for you? Did you use other tricks to gain weight? Do share with us in the comments section.

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