Water Aerobics – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

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When was the last time you got on the weighing scales to check your weight, heart pounding in anticipation? We are living in a constantly changing and evolving society. The technological changes have made us dependent on electronic gadgets and electrical equipments. So much so, that we hardly realize that these comforts of modern life have made us lethargic. All these factors have led to a drastic change in our way of living. These technological innovations, combined with sedentary lifestyle, have led to radical consequences for our health.

The biggest challenge faced today by a majority of the population is obesity.

Obesity and its Consequences:

While a sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits are the main factors that cause obesity, we cannot overlook contributing factors like genes, and other health conditions. Obesity in itself leads to a number of problems that can have life threatening consequences for an individual. No matter the cause, the problem remains the same. In fact, as a society we are unhealthier than ever before. But thankfully, there are numerous ways to lose that extra weight. One of the latest trends to lose weight in a proper manner is water aerobics.

One has to ensure that one does water aerobics regularly. It is important to mention here that while weight gain happens in a snap, losing this weight requires dedication, strong will, and focus on healthy living and exercise each day.

What is Water Aerobics and How is it Done?

As the name implies, water aerobics refers to doing regular aerobic exercise in shallow waters, usually waist deep. The aim is to increase the amount of resistance one feels when exercising and increase endurance, burn more fat, and lose that extra weight. One must start to practice under a trained instructor and later, when fully comfortable, start doing it on their own.

Water aerobics is not only aerobics, but also includes regular sessions in regular swimming pools, depending on individual needs. Elements like Zumba, yoga, and jogging to music beats can also be incorporated. Swimmers and other athletes focus on these trainings to improve their performance on field and track as it is a great way for resistance training.

The Many Benefits of Water Aerobics:

There are many inherent and long term advantages of water aerobics exercises for people of all age groups and even for people with health issues. Some of these benefits are listed below:-

  • Increase in endurance with focus on resistance trainings.
  • Loss of extra weight, muscle buildup and strengthening of bones, muscles and joints.
  • Built in safety for muscles when training in water, making it safer for joints and muscles.
  • Avoid overheating of body that could otherwise cause burnout.
  • Water exercise can also be done by pregnant women, elderly, or by people with arthritis, back problems or leg and foot injuries.
  • Regular water exercise help lean body mass increase in a proper and proportionate manner
Stay Focused:

While water aerobics is a highly effective, efficient and healthy way to lose weight, it also demands that a person be focused and dedicated. It is also imperative that the person keep a strict watch on one’s food intake as weight loss and exercise go hand in hand. The many changes that the body experiences with a new workout regime will give way to a little pain and one will also notice changes in body movements.

The pain and sudden changes can make one shy away from training any further. But the success of the exercise and the results, lie in being regular and focused each day with strong will and determination.

Two of Our Picks in Water Aerobics Exercises:

1. Spiderman: 

Climb the walls of the swimming pool like your favorite superhero, Spiderman. While this may sound difficult, it is rather simple. It will help you defy gravity and tone your core and back muscles like no other exercise. You will need to practice this exercise a few times to get it right.

  • Stand to the side of the pool and use your hands to stabilize your upper body.
  • Moving your hands back and forth to maintain balance in the water, begin your ascend on the walls.
  • Alternate each leading leg to reap the maximum benefits of this exercise.

2. Chaos Cardio:

Unlike other exercises in the water and its name itself, this is a relatively simple work out that even a child can master.

  • Create ripple and currents in the water and then run through it to strengthen your core muscles.
  • Run in a zig zag fashion in the water and then through the currents you have created.

That sounds interesting doesn’t it? Want to lose weight without a sweat? Then it is time to hop into the pool and shake a leg. Tag along your partner or friend to make this all the more fun and effective. Water aerobics is certainly one of the best ways to lose weight without feeling deprived or fatigued. Enroll for water aerobics today! You will be thanking us for suggesting!

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