WATCH OUT! These 7 ‘Healthy’ Foods Which Are Scientifically Proven Otherwise

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Crack. Heroin. Weed. We all know what these are. Drugs. But why am I talking about them? What do drugs have to do with ‘foods which you thought were healthy’ or ‘getting scientifically proven otherwise’? Well, there is a reason for everything. We think that staying away from such addictive drugs is more than enough to remain healthy. We turn towards other ‘nourishing’ options stacked in our kitchen shelves or refrigerators, and sit back relaxed waiting for the fountain of youth to wash over our bodies. But that’s where we go wrong. Almost always. Because what we think are the healthiest foods in our homes might as well be addictive drugs disguised as harmless groceries. You want to check out what they are? I bet you do. As stated by the former commissioner of the FDA, Dr David Kessler and journalist Michael Moss in their books The End of Overeating and Salt, Sugar, Fat respectively, this is a list of the foods which are believed to be super-healthy, but are otherwise addictive and can be harmful too.

1. Rice:

Ask any South Indian what their typical meal contains, and this is what you would hear. Rice is the staple food of many in the East, and if you happen to be one of them, then you wouldn’t want to miss this. Rice contains gliadin protein, which is nothing but a ‘feel-good’ chemical. This chemical is manipulated in order to stimulate our appetites and wanting to eat more and more. As a result, we end up inside an illusionistic bubble, thinking how healthy rice can be and consume too much of it.

2. Meat:

If you are a committed non-vegetarian, then this might be tough for you. But definitely not as tough as suffering from the side effects if this meaty addiction. The blood in meat contains haemoglobin, albumin and gamma globulin. Again, these are the ‘feel-good’ chemicals that arouse your addiction to meat and other meat products. So the next time your mouth water’s with the glimpse of chicken legs or bacon, stop and think. What you are about to consume may not be as innocent as it appears.

3. Dairy Products:

When was the last time you added a grating of extra cheese on your pizza? Or dipped your toast into a bowl of molten butter? Dairy products like milk, butter or cheese contain a protein called casein which leaves you craving for more.

4. Bread:

Sandwiches or omelette wrapped toasts are one of the favourite breakfast foods for most of us. But what we are unaware of is that even such commonly eaten items might play the role of drugs. That soft loaf of bread also consists of gliadin protein, which sucks us with its feel-good chemical trap. What next? We are on our way to filling our tummy with loads of bread, not knowing that too much of wheat can play havoc with our bodies.

5. Snacks:

That plate of chips you sit with every evening conceals a lot more health disadvantages than you could have ever imagined. Too much of salted snacks come with a package of ailments; and the scariest of them is your kidneys dumping excess sodium through urine. God forbid; if your kidneys happen to fail, this excess salt would get stored in your body leading to water retention or heart failure.

6. Coffee:

You wake up in the morning with your hair swaying in different directions. You walk into the kitchen, help yourself with a pot of steaming hot coffee, and begin to sip the drink. After that, you don’t stop. Rings a bell? If yes, then it’s high time you curb your caffeine addiction. Overloading your system with coffee can result in dehydration and headache. One more terrible thing caffeine can do to you is hurrying up digestion. When this happens, acidic stomach contents pass through the small intestine more rapidly than normal, resulting in ulcers.

7. Sugar And Fat:

This combination is one which you should avoid. Because addiction to it is just not healthy. The two promote obesity and too much of consumption can lead to heart disease. So if you are thinking of breaking an addiction, then let this one be the first you begin with! Staying healthy is always a matter of choice. And so is staying away from addictions. So, are you going to make a choice?

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