Volumetrics Diet – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

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Does your diet make you feel tired and hungry instead of giving you the desired result? Are you on the lookout for a new diet that will help you reach your goal of weight loss while not leaving you fatigued? Then you must try the new Volumetrics diet!

Women are always on the lookout for new diet plans that can help them take a few inches off from their body and enable them to get into that pair of old jeans or dress they wore in high school. Hundreds of fad diets are doing the rounds the world over. Most of them are good for short-term results. Sadly, the moment you get back to eating normally, you tend to put it all back. Most diets recommend eating less, cutting down on food. Some ask you to eat raw food or liquids most of the time to lose weight.

Diets that do not allow you to eat much food often tend to fail. For when you cannot eat many of the foods that you like, you crave for it. Once you are back to your normal eating habits, you gain back all the weight that you had lost with utmost perseverance. Most diets fall short on heart health and diabetes control.

What Is The Volumetrics Diet?

Eat More, Not Less!

The Volumetrics diet is quite popular with hundreds around the world swearing to its successful results. Unlike other diets, the volumetrics diet plan advocates eating more. Here the premise is on the volume of food that you eat rather than the numbers of calories that make you feel full. You will lose weight without feeling hungry. It is not based on deprivation unlike many other diets followed by people all over the world. The Volumetrics diet will not give you the feeling of fatigue, hunger or depression as with many other diets.

Long-Term Plans:

Unlike other diets, this is not a fad or a shortcut to losing weight. This is a long-term plan that helps you achieve your weight loss goal without derailing your mission half way through. The creator of this diet, Barbara Rolls says, by choosing food that has fewer calories per bite, you can eat more volume yet your intake of calories is less. You can eat a satisfying amount of food and not go hungry, which usually leads to binging in many. Unlike quick fix plans, the Volumetrics diet will keep off the weight and help you maintain your weight.

Food Plan:

In the Volumetrics diet, you can eat all that you want and still lose weight. You must wonder how is it possible to eat all that you want and still shed accumulated weight! Well the focus here is filling up on healthy food that fills you with fewer calories. The Volumetrics diet menu advocates eating water-rich food like fruits, vegetables, soups, which have almost 90% water content.

You can also eat lean protein, filling fibre, low fat fish, whole grains, beans, low fat milk, etc. The diet does not completely stop you from eating high density food like chips, crackers, chocolates, cookies, butter, nuts, cheese, higher fat meat, etc but tells you to eat them only in negligible quantities, just like a treat. Foods that are low in energy have been shown to encourage fullness with fewer calories and deliver weight loss. Alcohol is allowed in moderation.

Medical Benefits:

Not all diets are encouraged by doctors as most based on deprivation are unhealthy and create medical problems. The Volumetrics diet PLAN is accepted by the medical community as it offers cardiovascular benefits and helps to control diabetes. It is well within the accepted dietary guidelines for staying healthy and fit.

The Volumetrics diet is a good diet to follow to lose weight in the end. Do leave us your comments below.

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