Ultimate Beauty Expert Q&A – with Shahnaz Husain

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Shahnaz Husain is a pioneer in herbal skincare. She has inspired thousands of women to include natural ingredients in their beauty regime.

A successful entrepreneur with over 400 beauty salons across the world and a formidable range of herbal beauty products under the name “Shahnaz Husain” – She is constantly redefining the beauty industry.

We explored her take on “beauty today” and got some timeless beauty secrets out of her
Here’s a Q n A with this diva

StyleCraze: What is your idea of beauty in today’s context?

Shahnaz:  Beauty today is holistic. It is the power of beauty, brains and spirituality put together. Beauty is complete and integrated only when the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of a person reflects. Beauty care should help to achieve healthy skin and hair, because beauty lies in the good health of the skin and hair. Today’s beauty care not only entails general care, but also provides specific treatment for specific problems, based on individual needs. In this context, my concept of “Natural Care & Cure” is very relevant.

StyleCraze: You are one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the beauty industry; What advice would you give to budding beauty businesses in the world?

Shahnaz: First of all, professional qualifications and training are the order of the day. Acquiring professional and vocational training in the field is a must. If advanced training is a possibility than it is even better. Most important however is your faith in yourself. Trust in yourself and keep alive the hunger to learn more. Have the courage to say “I don’t know this, but I can learn it”. It is the combination of endless zeal to learn, excel with a refusal to give up that will lead you to success. And always be adaptable. The market is constantly changing. Mainly because what people want keeps changing. Start small but dream big. Nothing is impossible as long as you have the courage to chase that dream.

StyleCraze: What are the major beauty trends that we should look forward to?

Shahnaz:  Make-up continues to move towards the natural look for the skin. The aim is to project a non-shiny skin texture. For foundations, go for matte (non shiny) ones. Flawless complexion finish will be very much in vogue. Go easy on blusher (rouge). Use very little – just enough to provide a natural glow. Bronze and pink blush are expected to be in fashion in the coming season.  Mauve, lilac and purple eye shadows may rule, while red and orange in lipstick will continue to be popular. Nail art will remain popular, but a little more restrained with natural tones and art with French Manicure. Product innovation will go to new heights. Serums will be the buzz word for both skin and hair.  Anti-ageing treatments will be more popular.

StyleCraze: Our visitors are crazy about homemade tips to stay beautiful all year long. Give us your favorite homemade beauty tip.

Shahnaz: Mix together 2 teaspoons wheat bran (choker) with egg white and one teaspoon of ground almonds, honey and yogurt. Apply on the face. Keep away from the lips and area around eyes. Wash off after 20 minutes.

StyleCraze: What is your skincare routine?

Shahnaz:  I have faithfully followed a daily routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing. First thing in the morning, I cleanse my skin with a cleanser containing aloe vera and lemon. Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer and keeps the skin youthful. This is followed by toning, with a rose-based skin tonic. After this, I apply a special mask, which is mixed and kept in the refrigerator. I never miss daily mask. This consists of a herbal powder and is mixed with a seaweed lotion, curd, honey and egg white. This mask is used in our salon treatments also. Then, I use a Platinum Jasmine Moisture Mist. It is in spray form. The fine misty spray is instantly absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, leaving the skin satin soft, smooth and youthful. The night-care routine is extremely important to me. I never go to sleep without removing make-up. Cleansing is also necessary to remove the pollutants and grime that have collected on the skin during the day. I use the same cleanser to remove eye make-up, using cotton wool.  After cleansing, I nourish the skin with a cream containing wheat germ and carrot seed, called Shalife. I apply it with a little cold water and massage the skin lightly for 3 or 4 minutes. Then I apply an under-eye cream containing almond, around the eyes, and leave it on for about ten minutes. I wipe off excess cream with moist cotton wool before bedtime. Once a week, I have a Platinum facial, using our Platinum StyleCrazerub, Cream and Mask.

StyleCraze: What is your hair care routine?

Shahnaz:  I make it a point to give my hair regular care with applications of herbal hair tonic and oil. I also apply henna regularly which is mixed with about a dozen eggs. No water is added.  I use a hair serum daily after combing my hair, to add luster and make it manageable.

StyleCraze: What is your favorite Shahnaz Husain must-have?

Shahnaz: Perfume.  I love Angel by Thierry Mugler.  Actually, I love fragrance.  Pot pourri is kept all over the house, so that the fragrance has become like a signature tune.

StyleCraze: Tell us about your favorite beauty and skincare products of this season?

Shahnaz: My own innovations are my favorites – currently, I like the formulations of our Plant Stem Cells Range, Telomere, Platinum Jasmine Moisture Mist and the Black Diamond skin and hair serum.

To know more about Shahnaz husain and her beauty secrets, visit http://www.shahnaz.in/

You can also shop the shahnaz Husain range of herbal products at http://shastore.com/shahnaz/husain/

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