Tutorial – How To Create A Classy Eye Makeup Look Without Makeup Brushes?

Image : © Mqdee

You all are ready for your friend’s marriage—the clothes are unpacked and now you are ready for your makeup. Disaster! You forgot your makeup brushes! How can you possibly get your makeup perfect without the tools of the trade? Well, actually you can!

When it comes to create some gorgeous eye makeup, you surely can achieve it without the help of your precious brushes. Do not believe me? Scroll down.

What to Do?

Step 1:

Start by moisturizing your eyes

Image : © Mqdee

Start by moisturizing your eyes and conceal them, if necessary. Choose a concealer that works with your skin type – matte setting for oily skin and cream concealer for dry skin. Adding an illuminator to your concealer or buying an illuminating concealer at the first place, is an added advantage. It lifts up the whole under eye area and transforms your look altogether.

Step 2:

eyebrows and comb to bring
Image : © Mqdee

Fill your eyebrows and comb to bring them in proper shape. Remember this step defines the structure of your face.

Step 3:

black eyeliner on your lids
Image : © Mqdee

Apply thick black eyeliner on your lids. You need not worry about the perfect line formation as we are going to put eye shadow over this.

Step 4:

 eyeliner looks
Image : © Mqdee

This is how my eyeliner looks- dome shaped and not extending beyond the outer crease at all.

Step 5:

Maybelline Pot in Gold Shade
Image : © Mqdee

Dip in your ring finger in a paint pot of your choice and pat on the area where you have applied the eyeliner. I have used Maybelline Pot in Gold Shade. Do not forget to wash and sanitize your fingers before starting to work with them and wipe them on a clean cloth after each step.

Step 6:

appreciate the brightness
Image : © Mqdee

This is how it looks. You may not appreciate the brightness of this eye makeup at this step because of the black shadow that is present beneath.

Step 7:

brightness of this eye makeup
Image : © Mqdee

Now, to create real gold hue, take a powder gold eye shadow from Inglot, dip your sanitized finger in it and pat over the already golden surface. Make note that you have to pat and build the color, instead of applying it in a sweeping motion.

Step 8:

real gold hue
Image : © Mqdee

That is how it looks by now. Beautiful, isn’t it? The eyeliner layer that we created in the former step gives the illusion of lined upper waterline.

Step 9:

black eyeliner pencil

Image : © Mqdee

Now, taking the same black eyeliner pencil that you used in the first step, color the outer corner of your eye. Due to the presence of powder golden eye shadow, this step will not come out to be very precise but we can work on that.

Step 10:

eyeliner inwards beyond
Image : © Mqdee

Do not extend the eyeliner inwards beyond what is shown in the picture. Keep it restricted to outer 1/3rdonly.

Step 11:

black and gold colors
Image : © Mqdee

Wipe off the extra harsh lines if any and blend in the black and gold colors on the lid.

Step 12:

lower waterline
Image : © Mqdee

Take black kohl, line the lower waterline.

Step 13:

lower lash line

Image : © Mqdee

I have not extended the kohl on the lower lash line.

Step 14:

 finish line soon
Image : © Mqdee

We are approaching the finish line soon. Curl your eyelashes to throw in some fluttering effect by the use of mascara.

Step 15:

bare curled lashes
Image : © Mqdee

Those are my bare curled lashes without the mascara.

Step 16:

volumizing mascara
Image : © Mqdee

Applying lengthening and volumizing mascara will make your eyes pop out really well. I have used Maybelline Hypercurl mascara, which gives a nice volume to my lashes.

Step 17:

classy eye makeup
Image : © Mqdee

We are just one step away from spotting the classy eye makeup for your most awaited occasion.

Step 18:

powder highlighter
Image : © Mqdee

Dip in your finger for one last time into a powder highlighter and apply below your brow bone for a nice highlighting effect. You may even use it on the inner corner.

Step 19:

high precision brushes
Image : © Mqdee

Tadaaa! That is the finished look. Did you ever imagine that you could create such a look without your high precision brushes? Well, now you can!

Alternate Options:

  • You can use any other metallic pearly shade in place of golden.
  • Replace the black eyeliner with brown to get a soft smokey look.

So, the next time you are left without your brushes, do not get panic! You can still look your awesome with this easy technique. Do try it and come back to give us your feedback.

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