Triple Drop Set Work Out – What Is It & How To Do It Right?


Nobody wants to fall sick as illness leaves us feeling low and gloomy. Not to mention, worried! After all, the cost of medicines and hospital visits have sky rocketed. If you do not have a medical insurance, an illness can set you back, both physically and financially.

Prevention Better than Cure:

That is why the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ is so much the crux of life today. It is better to prevent diseases rather than visiting a doctor. You might as well save the money for your retirement!
A healthy body can keep illnesses and diseases at bay. You can stay healthy by consuming healthy food and following an exercise regimen to build strength, stamina, and fitness. Various forms of exercises help to keep the body fit. Thanks to media campaigns and awareness programs, which are making the people aware of the benefits of exercise. People are also taking it seriously, which is evident with the number of health and fitness clubs across the length and breadth of each city.

Body Building:

Weight training is a great way to build muscle mass, tone the body, and even shed fat. It strengthens the various parts of the body. Body builders specially love the drop set exercise. Unlike athletes, they are not concerned with the stamina or strength. They are more into cosmetic improvements. The drop set exercise is mainly geared towards building or increasing the muscle size. The muscles are shocked by adding stress. This set of exercise helps the muscles to grow in a very short time.

In 1947, Henry Atkins, editor of the Body Culture magazine, created this special form of weight lifting and called it the multi-poundage system. It was initially meant to be used on barbells. Over the years, it has been known by many names like stripping method, descending sets, strip sets, running the rack and so on. Drop set is now a very important part of the advanced body training. Very few athletes, sports people actually do the drop sets as these do not give power or speed. There are a number of variations to these exercises.

The Idea Behind Drop Set:

The drop set exercises can be done on bar bells, dumbbells, or machines. The logic behind it is that you begin the exercise with a weight until you reach failure and then lessen the weight and continue until you reach failure again. Continue this one more time and it is known as the triple drop set. It is better to do the exercise on machines or dumbbells as you do not have to waste time changing the weights.

The Drop Set Work Out:

You start by doing very heavy weights, then move to medium and then light weights.

  • If you are doing lat pull down with 100 pound stack, you achieve failure after doing 12 reps. You reach a positive failure when the 11 reps are difficult, but you still achieve it. The 12 reps are very hard. This is a single drop set.
  • You then strip the weight down. Start doing the lat pulls down with an 80-pound stack. Continue until you again reach a positive failure. This is a double drop set.
  • Strip the weight down to 60-pound stack and continue with the repetitions. This is known as a triple drop set.
  • It is very easy to over exercise with this method. It is advisable to do only a triple drop set.
  • You can change the tempo of the exercise to intensify it.

Drop Set Diet:

  • Protein intake should be high while doing the drop set exercises.
  • Carbohydrates should be controlled and only healthy fats should be consumed.

The triple drop set should not be a long-term exercise regimen. Consult a health and fitness expert who will tell you for how long you need to do the triple drop set to reap its benefits.

Have you tried the triple drop set? Was it too hard? Which is our favorite exercise to build muscle mass? Share with us in the comments section.

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