Top 7 Natural Sources Of Vitamin B17

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So, you know about your vitamins and proteins. But do you really? Not many of us are aware of the nutrients that our body needs and their functions. But unless we understand the value of the nutrients, we’ll never be able to appreciate their need in our diet. Vitamin B17 is one such nutrient which is often overlooked.

Known more commonly as Amygdalin, this anti-cancerous vitamin is a member of the Vitamin B-complex family. A well-known alternative cure for cancer, vitamin B17 is quite effective in lowering tumors and curbing metastasis. It terminates the cancerous cells, safeguards the body from the onset, development, and spread of cancer in future, and gives your immune system a good boost. The foods that contain this vitamin are known as nitrilosides. Before getting to know about the sources of this vitamin, lets take a closer look at how beneficial this vitamin is for us.

Vitamin B 17 Benefits for Health:

Along with being an acknowledged alternative medicine for cancer, this B 17 vitamin is believed to render other health benefits too:

  • The anti-hypertensive properties of this vitamin help in keeping the blood pressure levels under control, which in turns help thwart off various cardiovascular diseases.
  • Vitamin B17 is known to boost the potential of the immune system.
  • This vitamin is also used as a complete tonic to boost your overall health.
  • Laetrile is also known to help the body with its detoxification and cleansing process.

An Interesting Fact:

If you do a Google search on Vitamin B17, many results that pop up contain a word called laetrile, which is used as a synonym for this vitamin. However, in reality, laetrile is the synthetic form of B 17 and is derived from Amygdalin. Laetrile is available in various forms in the market, including injections, lotions, tablets, and even suppositories.

Now that you know what is vitamin B17 and what its benefits are, let us see where this vitamin is found naturally:

Top 7 Natural Sources of Vitamin B 17:

1. Seeds:

Seeds, especially apricot seeds, top the list of rich vitamin B 17 foods. You can also find this vitamin in the seeds of prunes, pears, peaches, nectarines, cherries, and even apples. Flax seeds, squash seeds, millet seeds and buckwheat seeds also contain this vitamin in moderate amounts.

2. Nuts:

Nuts are rich of assorted nutrients, including minerals and proteins. Almonds, especially the bitter ones, along with macadamia nuts and cashew nuts, contain vitamin B17, with bitter almonds leading the list. Macadamia comes next and finally the cashews. However, researchers have indicated that these nuts are highly toxic and have been banned in the US. Nevertheless, bitter almonds are used for manufacturing extracts and to give liqueurs that distinct flavor.

3. Fruits:

Berries – including raspberry, strawberry, currants, cranberry, and blackberry – contain admirable quantities of this anti-cancerous vitamin. Not to forget quinoa, gooseberry, and mulberry! However, the surprising fact is that the wild berries contain Vitamin B17 in quite high amounts.

4. Sprouts:

Bamboo spouts lead this list with a high dose followed by the sprouts of alfalfa, garbanzo, and whole green gram.

5. Leaves:

The leaves of alfalfa and eucalyptus contain high amounts of Vitamin B17. Spinach leaves are also potential sources of this vitamin, but in traces.

6. Tubers:

Check out your favorite yam, cassava, and sweet potato. They all contain this vitamin, with Cassava leading the list. Despite being a rich source of protein, Cassava leaves should be cooked properly to avoid the conversion of cyanogenic glucosides into cyanide.

7. Beans:

Opt for assorted beans to get vitamin B17. Choose for fava, black, kidney, lima, and garbanzo that are rich in this vitamin. Cook them or just sprout them and include them in your diet to get this vitamin.

A Word of Caution:

As with all ingredients, there are chances of side effects like headache and vomiting. If you experience any such symptoms, then sip a glass of vitamin C rich fruit juice – orange, lemon, grape, or grape fruit.

While there are no evidences that show Vitamin B 17 affecting pregnant and breastfeeding women negatively, please do check with your gynecologist before you consume any of these foods to avoid allergic reactions.

Now that you know the various vitamin B 17 foods, when are you going to add them to your diet?
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