Top 7 Hair Colour Options For Women With Black Hair

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We all have bad hair days and it goes without saying that a hair makeover can do wonders for ones self confidence! Black hair is not essentially boring, but shifting to more vibrant colors can spruce up your glam factor. There are several creative options out in the market for brunettes, who live under the false notion that they have no option but to sport their natural color.

If you are thinking of coloring your hair, all you need to do is select colors that will go well with your black hair and your complexion. Our hair color depends on our genes. However, if you are blessed with black hair then there are several interesting hair colors that you can consider. You can either color all your hair, or add a few streaks for an uber cool make over. Check out some of the best color options for black hair:

1. Beach Brown:

If you are bored of your black hair, then you can go in for a brand new look with the subtle beach brown color. The sandy brown shade of the beaches sets well on black hair. It gives the face a soft look and does a great job of bringing out the color of your eyes, accentuating your face further.

2. Caramel: 

Yet another color that black heads just cannot go wrong with is none other than Caramel. Caramel is a mix of brown and gold in subtle hues. The base of the color will be brown and the gold will be highlighted evenly on your hair. Whether you have medium length wavy hair, or just straight long hair, this shade will give your hair a brand new feel. This is one of the best colors for summers and goes great with beach wear, formal or even casual wear.

3. Golden Brown: 

For those who do not mind experimenting with a bolder look, Golden brown is the color to try! This color brings out the complexion in fair skinned people. It also suits dark skinned people without making them look too promiscuous. Stylists will vouch for this color, if you have soft textured hair or curly hair. This shade works great with all Indian complexion.

4. Chestnut:

Chestnut suits almost everybody. The natural black color of your hair will offer Chestnut brown a rich color texture. Some parts of the hair may appear reddish but on the whole this color brings out the best in your hair. Chestnut brown is a great option for those who have straight or wavy hair.

5. Mahogany: 

Mahogany is the ideal color for short people. It definitely makes them look different from the rest of the crowd. Mahogany is a bit of a high maintenance color and you may need frequent touch ups, but trust us when we say it is well worth the effort. It easily sits on black hair and looks natural. The differences you notice will be minor, but the overall your hair color will change to a kind of dark brown.

6. Ash Brown:

Many black haired people think that by choosing an ash color they may appear older than they actually are. However, this is a wrong notion. This is one of the best colors that someone with a whitish complexion can opt for. Ash comes in several shades such as Ash Brown and gives a very sophisticated look. The ash background with brown depths is very flattering. Don’t hesitate to experiment with it.

7. Ash Black: 

If you are one of those who like the pepper gray look, trust us when we say that this is a color you should try. The color is neither completely black nor grey. It is somewhere in between these colors and can sure make you look very classy. This color gives a certain depth to your hair. The best part of using this hair color is that the grays are automatically hidden and taken care off. Even if the gray hair grows back people will not notice it. It gives your hair a well layered look and is especially suited for middle aged men and women.

These were but a few of the many colors that you can safely try without worrying about catastrophic results and a revisit to the salon. Discuss with your hair stylist before you zero in on the hair color. The stylist will be able to guide you about the shade that would complement your complexion. Happy coloring!

Do you have black hair? Are you thinking of getting your hair colored? Which of these shades is your favorite?


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