Top 5 Yoga Asanas For A Healthy Heart

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With the busy schedules and time-bound lifestyles, we do not have any time for ourselves. Such lifestyles often lead to stress and depression. What we need in such scenarios is a bit of relaxation. We are often advised to practice yoga asanas and meditation. This is the easiest and simplest way to relax. Yoga has many types and many forms. It is an age-old practice and has been classified under various types according to its intensity and the type of practitioner. Yoga not only keeps you fit and healthy, but also aids in curing most ailments. It also helps to heal your heart, keep you away from heart problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga For Heart – Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Healthy Heart

For a healthy heart, one needs to practice a few asanas, pranayama (breathing exercises) and a bit of meditation. Follow the step by step guide listed below and get started with a new way i.e yoga for heart health.

Asana 1: Tadasana:

  • Stand on the ground. Align your feet and heels in such a way that they touch each other.
  • Rest your palms on any side of the body you think is comfortable for you.
  • Inhale deeply. Lift your hands and position in front of your chest.
  • Join your palms in prayer position. This position, in yoga, is known as ‘Anjali mudra’.
  • Lift your body and bring it on your toes. As you maintain your balance, try to remain steady.
  • Close your eyes. Concentrate and hold on to your pose.
  • Exhale slowly.
  • Return back to the normal state. Release

Practice this asana for 15 minutes every day for excellent results

Asana 2: Vrikshasana:

  • Stand on the floor in a straight pose.
  • Bring your hands in front of the chest and join your palms in prayer position.
  • Stretch your hands upwards.
  • Bend your left knee
  • Place your left foot on the interior side of the right thigh.
  • Keep your right leg straight.
  • Look straight.
  • Relax.

Asana 3: Virbhadrasana:

  • Stand on the floor in a straight position as you look straight in the front.
  • Move your feet 4 inches apart
  • Turn your right leg in the right direction and subsequently turn your left leg in the same way.
  • Raise your hands upwards.
  • Bring your hands in front of the chest and join them in prayer pose.
  • Look upwards. Release.
  • Relax.

Asana 4: Utkatasana:

  • Stand on the floor in a straight position.
  • Move your feet slightly apart.
  • Join your hands in prayer position, stretch them upwards.
  • Bend your knees. Bring your thighs in a parallel line with the floor.
  • Look straight. Close your eyes.
  • Remain steady and relax.

Asana 5: Bhujangasana:

  • Lie down on the floor on your stomach. Rest your face on your chin.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Keep your hands beside your body, resting your palms on the floor.
  • Exhale deeply.
  • Lift up your chest and your face off the floor.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Remain steady and relax.
  • Release yourself from the pose.

So now, stop following the old sweaty rules for staying fit, and practice yoga for healthy heart as you take a step closer towards a healthy lifestyle! Knowing what to practice, how to practice, what to eat, how much and when to eat and a proper lifestyle can surely lead you towards a healthy heart and a healthy lifestyle! Stay fit, stay happy!

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  1. nice Asana…they helped me to stay fit…thanx nice post keep the good work going….

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