Top 5 Fast Foods and their Nutrition Facts

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Are you one of those people who grabs their food on the go from the fast food store around the corner? Given the changing lifestyle, work that leaves little or no time for eating right, it is no wonder that fast food has become an everyday affair for many of us. But when you buy that box of burger or pizza from your favorite fast food joint, you should be aware of the way it impacts you, good and bad both. Do you have any idea about what goes inside your body when you bite your favorite fast food? Here are fast food nutrition facts, top 5 fast foods that are actually healthy and facts associated with them, compiled just for you!

Is All Fast Food Bad?

Obviously, the answer is No. Fast food is not bad as long as you are not over indulging or eating it on a daily basis and not sweating it out. Fast food is meant to be eaten once in a while when you are on the run. Fast food choices, when made wisely, can also be healthy and help lead good lives. However, if you eat fast food every day or you are a lover of fast food, you would want to watch that cholesterol level in your blood. Since, all fast foods are precooked, they need to be ideally fried or topped with various sauces that make them high in on cholesterol, which is the biggest reason for concern.

Top 5 Fast Foods and their Nutrition Facts:

It is all about making smart choices: If you cannot avoid fast food, here are a few smart choices to make and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

1. Subway: 

Subway sandwiches and meal options are a great way to have a healthy meal or a good and filling sandwich on the go. However, if you load the bread and vegetables with tons of mayo based sauces, the health factor goes for a toss. Watch the sauce you take and cut that cheese out. That is fast food and yet a healthy fix with lots of roughage for the stomach, less than 3 grams fat and protein.

2. Wendy’s Fast Food: 

While you might expect to find the fast food here loaded with calories and cholesterol food, you can make a smart choice. You can have a salad or a sandwich that is grilled, pick brown bread and avoid any mayo in your choice of burgers or sandwiches. Also, if you are having a sandwich, avoid the fries. The idea is to ensure balance. You will get carbohydrates, 16 grams of fat and 150 calories!

3. McDonald’s: 

We all love McDonald’s! Teach your children and yourself to order just what you want to eat. The food is filling, so pick something without cheese. Instead of Mac Cheese Chicken Burger, maybe you could order just the Chicken burger sans the mayo and cheese with cold drinks. One could, on the other hand, order a salad at their outlet and get good amount of carbohydrate and protein—around 17 grams.

4. Burger King: 

You might think that this is no place for a health junkie, but next time you are at Burger King, order a side garden salad and go healthy. You will gain only 25 calories, carbohydrates to the tune of 5 grams and fibre and roughage to your diet.

5. Wimpy’s: 

Again, grab that sandwich with brown bread without cheese and make a healthy and informed choice.

A Last Word:

While many of us have come to believe that fast food is all bad, the fact is that it is our approach to its consumption and choices that impact us. So, next time you are visiting a fast food joint, go through the menu with patience and see what you can eat without hoarding unnecessary fat and calories. Look for foods rich in fiber and roughage. The fast food joints have lots of options, which we never explore due to lack of time and our ignorance.

So think before you order and you can have both health and taste! Do you like to eat out? Which is your favorite eating joint? Do they offer healthy eating options too? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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