Top 5 Exercises For Enhancing Your Gluteal Muscles

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Often a trip to the mall becomes a torture. Why so? Well, the sight of all those fab bodies can really turn one green with envy! A toned derriere is one of the most sought after physical asset. If you too are guilty of glancing enviously at other fit bodies, then it is time you did something to get a toned body too! All you need is the comfort of your home and little space to start. Start now for that amazing gluteus maximus muscle that forms your buttocks and is one of the largest muscles in the body.

Exercises for Gluteal Muscles

1. Exercise 1: Pull that Muscle:

As you stand at a place, talk or even stop for a drink, make an effort to constrict or pull the buttock muscles and hold them in place for 30 seconds or more. Do this as many times you are comfortable. Hold those muscles in and relax them. This is a simple exercise. You can do it anywhere, anytime. When you are standing in the shower or cooking dinner, you can make those muscles work towards looking good. This is an anytime, anywhere exercise to strengthen and make those back muscles strong.

2. Exercise 2: Lie Sideways and Do Hip Abduction:

Here is another best exercise to strengthen gluteal muscles!

  • Step 1: Lie down on a flat floor on your side and rest your head on your arm
  • Step 2: Lift your leg above the ground. Repeat it 10 times and do 3 sets each
  • Step 3: Change the side and repeat with other leg.

3. Exercise 3: Squats:

All of us love to sit on the chair all day long. Put that habit to a good use!

  • Step 1: Stand with your feet apart
  • Step 2: Lift your hands in front of you and slowly push yourself down as you would sit on a chair
  • Step 3: Remember to keep your back straight and at no time should your knees bend and go beyond your feet.

4. Exercise 4: Single Limb Squats:

Much like the squats given above, this exercise for gluteal muscles focuses on one leg at a time and is much easier to do

  • Step 1: Stand with your leg apart at shoulder width apart and back straight
  • Step 2: Keep both your hands on your waist and now take your right hand to touch your left foot tip and lift the right foot off the ground. Push your right foot from its comfort zone, but ensure that you don’t lose balance.
  • Step 3: Hold this position for as long as is comfortable and repeat with the left hand and right foot.

Repeat these steps 10 times on each side and repeat 3 sets for best results.

5. Exercise 5: Lunges:

We all go up and down the stairs less often than we did before, so try doing these lunges to get that perfect buttock.

  • Step 1: Stand with your legs at shoulder distance. Put one foot in front of another without losing the distance.
  • Step 2: Push your body down now naturally without losing your posture and keep your back straight.
  • Step 3: Pull your leg back and repeat with the other leg.

Make sure you repeat this simple exercise 10-15 times with each leg and do 3 sets of each.

If you are confused or need any help, you can always use to guide you. There are numerous magazines that can also help you with detailed step by step pictorial guidelines that you can follow easily. It is easy to do these gluteal exercises in the comfort of your home. If you frequent a gym, your trainer can be of help and you can add weights to tone the muscles faster.

Staying healthy is no longer an ordeal, exercise regularly and get one step closer to a healthier and fitter YOU!

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