Top 5 Chapstick Lip Balms

Chapstick is a brand name? Yes it is! It is so famous that the word ‘chapstick’ is often considered to be synonymous to lip balm and the two are frequently used interchangeably!

Chapstick is one of the most famous brand names of lip balms in the world. It is manufactured by a company named Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. There are many competitors of Chapstick lip balms, but no brand has been able to match the trust that Chapstick Lip balms have built amongst its users.

Chapstick was initially manufactured to treat chapped, wind burned, sunburned, cracked and chafed lips. The basic ingredients of every Chapstick, apart from its flavor, are beeswax, vitamin E, aloe, camphor, menthol and mineral oils. Almost every Chapstick lip balm has SPF present which acts as a sunscreen for the lips. The history of Chapstick dates back to the early 1880s, when Dr. Charles Browne Fleet invented the first Chapstick lip balm, which was sold locally in Virginia.

Now, Chapstick lip balms are one of the most loved lip balms worldwide. If you are a lip balm addict, then you must have a Chapstick lip balm in your collection.

Top 5 Chapstick Lip Balms:

1. Chapstick Lip Shield 365:

Image : © Mqdee

This Chapstick lip balm protects and moisturizes lips all around the year. It contains SPF 50+ that protects the lips from harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Not only sun, but it also protects your lips from the ill-effects of wind and cold. It is enriched with antioxidants CoQ10 and Vitamin E, which makes it one of the best Chapstick lip balms in the world. Alos, all the chapstick lip balm reviews are found positive!

2. Chapstick Vanilla Crème Hydration Lock:

Chapstick Vanilla Crème Hydration Lock
Image : © Mqdee

Chapstick Vanilla Crème Hydration Lock is a clinically proven lip balm, which protects and moisturizes the lips for 8 long hours. Regular application of this lip balm also revitalizes the lip skin while improving its texture.

3. Chapstick Classic Original:

Image : © Mqdee

The Classic Original Chapstick lip balm is still loved and used by women around the world. It helps in healing and preventing chapped and chafed lips, making them soft and smooth. It has been a favorite among women of all ages and still remains one of the best Chapstick lip balms. There are some variants of Chapstick classics namely Classic Cherry, Classic Spearmint and Classic Strawberry. These variants are for the ones who love using flavored lip balms with a classic and original formula.

4. Chapstick Flava-Craze:

Chapstick Flava-Craze
Image : © Mqdee

This is a flavored lip balm that makes your lips super healthy and light. It moisturizes and prevents our lips for a long time. There are three types of Flava-Craze Chapstick Lip Balms available in the market. Those are Grape Craze, which has the ‘Flavatastic’ grape flavor, Fruit Craze, which is enriched with fruity goodness and Blue Crazeberry, which has the ‘Berry Burst’ of flavors.

5. Chapstick Mixstix:

Chapstick Mixstix
Image : © Mqdee

Mixstix Chapstick lip balm is one of its kind! What makes it unique is that it is a dual-sided lip balm that can be used individually or together to create new flavor combinations. It is made using ultra-hydrating formula that keeps your lips moist and protected for up to 8 hours. There are three variants of this Chapstick lip balm. First is Mixstix Lemon Berry Sorbet that has lemon flavor lip balm on one side and raspberry flavor on the other side. Second is Mixstix Strawberry Banana Smoothie that has strawberry flavor on one side and banana flavor on the other side. The third one is Mixstix Green Apple Caramel that has caramel on one side and green apple on the other. This lip balm chapstick is interesting right?

These were the top 5 Chapstick lip balms available in the market. If you profess to be a lip balm lover, you must possess these products. They are your entry ticket to the ‘lip balm junkie’ club!

Hope you found this list useful and interesting. If you have any queries or need to share something, please do so in the comments section below!!

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