Top 5 Australian Makeup Brands And Their Products

Going au naturel is all very good when it comes to makeup, but honestly speaking, not many can flaunt a no makeup look with much ease! No matter what they say about looking natural, do you think the models and celebs would look so gorgeous and flaunt their porcelain skin, had it not been for makeup? From Kylie Minogue to Anne Hathaway, the divas rely on their favorite cosmetics brands along with specially formulated skin care regimes to look picture perfect round the year.

Top 5 Australian Makeup Brands and Products:

Incidentally, these celebs and models are fond of some premium cosmetic brands from Down Under. Some of these Australian cosmetic brands are endorsed by these divas themselves. Surely, they do not come cheap, but customers who try the brands and their products usually do not deviate and stay loyal. What’s the secret? Discover what’s so special about these brands:

1. Kora Organics:

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There are few women out there who do not go green with envy every time pretty supermodel Miranda Kerr appears on TV. The diva looks perfect from top to toe and the secret is not restricted to her organic diet alone! Kora Organics, founded by Kerr, is among the leading Australian cosmetics and skin care brands. One salient trait of the products offered by Kora Organics is that they are devoid of harmful chemicals and the company does not use jar containers to sell the range. This helps preserve the quality of antioxidants used in its products. However, not all customers would like the overdose of fragrance that is common with such products. You can try out its face cleansers or oil absorbent masks, but its most popular product is the Roseahip Body oil. The Citrus Mist is another product from its range that is worth mentioning.

2. Poppy King:

poppy king
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You may have tried many exotic lipstick brands, but the products by Poppy King, Australia’s lipstick queen, may sweep you off your feet! From the classic opaque lipsticks and glossy shine pots, you can explore the range and feel amazed with the quality. You can also find matching lip liners for any lipstick you buy from the range.

3. ModelCo:

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One of the top cosmetics brands in Australia, ModelCo was set up in 2002 by Shelley Barrett and since then its operations has spread to Hong Kong, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Divas like Kylie Minogue and Lindsay Lohan are among its loyal customers. ModelCo has over 125 products in the market and the Tan Airbrush and Lip Plumper are really popular. Its products are marked by a bright pink colored packaging. ModelCo also sells a good range of makeup accessories that will appeal to working women, including makeup bag and brushes. The Party Proof lipstick and lip liners are a huge hit with young urban women. You can pick from 24 shades in either matte or cream textures.

4. Jurlique:

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Founded in 1985 by a native German couple, Jurlique is an Australian skin care and cosmetics brand that has carved a niche for itself. It is located at a Southern Australia biodynamic farm in Adelaide Hills. This is one of the best Australian makeup brands that has garnered a huge fan following in the last decade for the organic and chemical free formulation of its products. The company manufactures its products by cultivating plants and flowers like Calendula, liquorice, rose, and lavender in a farm stretching over 154 acres. Many of their products are popular, but the Rose Water Mist is particularly well suited to hydrate dry skin. The herbal recovery range of products especially the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum is also in demand. It offers instant radiance and hydration to your skin upon application.

5. Natio:

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Its humble origin as a family business in Australia notwithstanding, Natio has metamorphosed into a leading cosmetics brand. Natio products are known for their finest natural ingredients and pure essential oil. The absence of synthetic fragrances in its products ensures that you get flawless and radiant looking skin. From eyeliners to antioxidant rich lip shines, you will find something that will fit your beauty regime. The company also sells a wide range of foundations, including Mineral Crystal Loose foundation powder and Skin perfecting BB cream.

There are some other skincare and cosmetics brands with an Australian origin that you can consider such as Lash Republic and Milk & Co. The one thing that is common in these brands, apart from their Australian origin, is quality. Once you invest in these products, you can be sure that your skin will bloom! So give them a try!

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