Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Energy Drinks

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We all know that carbonated drinks are not good for health. And in an attempt to shun away from these aerated drinks, most of us grab a can of energy drink. Be it Red Bull or Monster, the use of energy drinks has been on a rise. And with options available for kids, parents are tempted to pick a can for their kids instead of their favorite tetra pack juice. But, are these energy drinks good for you? When you are shelling out so much for a wholesome revitalizing experience, you ought to be aware of the side effects of the so called body and mind rejuvenators, right? Get ready to dive into this article where we unveil the negative side of energy drinks.

15 Reasons To Avoid Energy Drinks:

Here are the dangerous side effects that will result from consuming energy drinks:

1. Causes Obesity:

Yes, these so called fitness drinks are one of the serious causes of obesity. They come packed with sugar. Then what about artificially sweetened ones? Your question may be this. The case remains the same. Your body does not have the ability to distinguish between sugar and artificial sweeteners. And, hence gulping down bottle after bottle of Red Bull could actually add to your weight rather than helping you shed the excess flab.

2. Could Trigger Type 2 Diabetes:

Packed with loads of glucose and other additives, a sugar- rich energy drink might affect your pancreas to produce insulin. And, as we all know, insulin resistance leads to type 2 diabetes. The solution is to restrict the intake to the bare minimum.
In a study conducted on about 3,40,000 people across 8 European nations, revealed that a 336 ml sugar-infused drink could actually escalate the risk of the onset of Type II diabetes by about 22%. And, this, in fact, is a scary figure.

3. Risk Of Addiction:

These so called energy providers come with a blend of caffeine with other vitamins or herbs, such as ginseng, guarana, carnitine, and B vitamins, to deliver their promises. A study conducted by the University of California Davis suggest that a can of energy drink could contain several servings of caffeine, with some even tallying to a whopping 294 mg. Plus, these drinks are also rich sources of artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, or sugar. While it is safe in smaller amounts, large doses could actually leave you addicted.

4. Higher Risk Of Cardiac Arrest:

People with cardiac conditions should stay away from these drinks. According to a latest report that was published in 17 June 2014 in various news websites, a girl suffered cardiac arrest and succumbed to it after she emptied too many cans of an energy drink to keep up her energy levels. A study that was published in states that these drinks could cause life-threatening arrhythmias – the change in heart beat, which could cost your life.

5. Frequent Headaches And Migraines:

Excessive use of these caffeine- rich drinks could trigger migraines and intense headaches, the two major symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. If you are consuming too much of these drinks, then slowly reduce the quantity instead of curbing down at one shot, to shield yourself from withdrawal symptoms.

6. Sleep Disorders:

While energy drinks with caffeine content, are good for keeping yourself awake during long working hours, overusing them could hamper with your sleep routine. This, in turn, will deprive you of your sleep all together. It will lead to various sleep disorders, including insomnia.

7. Elevates The Risk Of Cardiovascular Conditions:

Various studies conducted on the potential health risks of using excess energy drinks point out towards hypertension. Hypertension is a condition where your blood pressure escalates to abnormal levels. A study presented at American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention/Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism 2013 Scientific Sessions states that using these drinks could drastically pep up the blood pressure level. Caffeine and taurine, two of the most prominent ingredients of energy drinks are known to trigger hypertension. This, in turn, could actually increase the risk of developing grave cardiovascular conditions.

8. Unsafe During Pregnancy:

Yes, energy drinks should be completely avoided by pregnant women. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a daily intake of more than 200 mg of caffeine can increase the risk of abortion and miscarriage. While more studies are required to establish the fact, it is always better to stay safe than regret later.

9. Could Lower Sperm Count In Men:

Excessive caffeine consumption has been linked to lower sperm count in men. More research is required to ascertain this finding. Cut down on your energy drink intake if you are trying to embrace fatherhood.

10. Allergic Reactions:

Energy drinks are made up with various ingredients. And, there may be cases where some of them do not suit you. If you already have an underlying allergic history, then read the ingredient list given on the can of the drink to steer clear from such unwanted reactions.

11. Interaction With Drugs:

These drinks are packed with caffeine and other factors that are essential to keep you awake. If you are on medications for any cardiac conditions or drugs that could induce sedation, then   stay away from these drinks. Plus, if you are on medications for hypertension, you should avoid using these as they elevate the blood pressure levels drastically.

12. Nervousness:

Excessive intake of energy drinks has been linked to anxiety. People tend to showcase higher levels of nervousness and jitters under the influence of caffeine. According to a study conducted in Perth, Australia, a 250 ml can of energy drink escalates anxiety levels in men in their 20s and 30s.

13. Not Good For Your Dental Health:

The presence of excessive sugar in these drinks damage the enamel of the teeth. According to Poonam Jain, BDS, MPH, the associate professor and the director of community dentistry at Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine, the enamel could thin down or even erode away due to the overuse of these drinks. However, the studies are conducted under lab conditions and are yet to be conducted on humans.

14. Risk Of Dehydration:

High caffeine energy drinks can put you at the risk of dehydration. While used in moderation, these drinks are good. Excessive use could actually lead to an increased loss of water from your body. Hence, stay away from such drinks while exercising to thwart off dehydration induced risks, such as vomiting and dizziness.

15. Risky For Teens:

Various studies conducted on the health risks induced by energy drinks on teens suggest that regular use of these caffeine-laden delights could actually prove to have harsh effects on them. While these sugar laden delights will keep them full and energized for a whole night party, the body shuts down in the absence of fluids. It also leads to restlessness, dehydration, vomiting, and risky behaviors in teens.
The list of risks and side effects of using energy drinks surely seems to be overlooking the benefits of using them. Cut down the intake of such drinks at this moment. If you regularly consume energy drinks, then avoid coffee and tea or any other forms of caffeine- infused foods to safeguard yourself from the danger.

Do you take energy drinks? Have you ever felt anything wrong with your health?

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