Top 15 Amazing Halloween Makeup Ideas For Women

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There is nothing more fun than a costume party on Halloween. Dressing up as ghouls and ghosts and everything vile for a few gasps and giggles is an amazing way to celebrate Halloween! Whether you are at work, in school, in university or at home, a Halloween getup is the way to go!

Top 15 Halloween Witch Makeup Ideas for Women

Check out the top 15 Halloween makeup ideas for women:

The Classics:

The Classics are eternal and always fun. If you do have time to put together a novelty, go for the classics. Skulls, pumpkins, celebrities and cats-Halloween favorites forever!

1. Skull:

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Get a skull and skeleton costume or dab on lots of face paint. Add eerie moss or flesh for a fun effect. The skull never fails to make an impact. A skull with creepy blue eyes takes the cake at any party. Get luminous paint and get creative. Give the classic look a great twist for a fun night out on Halloween!

2. Witch:

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A pointed hat, a broom, a long robe, and an evil expression-leads you to a Halloween classic! Give it a sensual twist with a figure hugging dress and some chic makeup.

3. Pumpkin:

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This is one idea that will never go out of fashion! The pumpkin is synonymous with Halloween! Get an amazing pumpkin costume to spook your buddies. You can choose from the traditional plump costume or a svelte, slender costume, depending on your preference. Now it the time to show off those abs you have been working on!

4. Cat:

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The cat costume is just purrfect for the occasion! A scary black cat with green eyes will give your friends the chills. Get a full body costume or a head dress to get that Halloween look. Cute and cuddly Persian fur or sleek short hair will just kill it at any get-together. Paint on a few whiskers, attach cuddly ears and you are ready to go!

5. Celebrity:

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Dress up as your favorite celebrity and rock your Halloween party. Dress yourself up as a celebrity at her worst for the fun effect. Dye your hair, get contacts, wear fancy clothes and turn up as old time favorites like Audrey Hepburn or the popular stars of today like Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis!


Get the latest costumes for Halloween from the latest TV shows and popular characters!

6. Cersei from Game of Thrones:

Possibly the best choice from the latest TV shows taking the world by storm! Cersei needs no more make up or additions to make her a Halloween choice. The cold, ruthless expression, the medieval getup, and the sinister Game of Thrones persona—you will steal the show at any party!

7. Angry Birds:

Show your support for the animal world. Dab on the face paint, get bright colored costumes with fantastic plumage and go as angry birds. Add a screech here and there for a fun, lively Halloween costume.

8. Superhero:

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Dress up as your favorite superhero! Spiderman fever is in the air. Or dress up as your favorite X-Men or Women, like Storm or Rogue, Jean Grey or Kitty.

9. Super Villain:

Super Villain
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Go the exact opposite of superhero. Be the super villain this Halloween! Dress up as the Joker, the lady version or Maleficent, the evil fairy in Cinderella or any other super villain of your choosing. If you have a partner you are going to a Halloween event with, dress up as a hero-villain duo for a blast!

Get Creative:

If you really want to make a splash this Halloween, get creative. Let your imagination run wild and create your very own costume.

10. Spaghetti Brain:

Nothing creepier than spaghetti for your brain! Lace it with sauce for the bloody effect! Spend maximum time on the headdress and walk around with ketchup dripping off your clothes for the gory effect. Your trick o’ treat will garner a lot of laughs, that’s for sure!

11. Couples Special:

Couples Special
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If you are going trick or treating with a partner or a best friend, dress up as famous couples. Jack and Jill at their scariest, a la Puss in Boots, Calvin and Hobbes plotting something fun as usual, a couple of snowmen with hands sticking out of their chest or a sleeping zombie (ahem…beauty) and Prince Charming (Count Dracula?)

12. Mime Artist:

Mime Artist
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Fun! Mime trick or treating with your neighbors. Only, add in a little red paint, flesh and bones sticking out and make the tableau a huge hit! There is nothing funnier than an angry artist miming his discontent on Halloween night!

13. Egg:

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Dress in white and attach a yellow yolk circle to your stomach. Add horns and a pitchfork to bring out the Halloween spirit! The “Deviled” egg!

14. Bat:

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Dress up like a bat to add to the festive spirit. Be a nocturnal being for a fun night out!

15. Doll:

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Be the scary Anabelle doll from The Conjuring or a Barbie Doll with an evil streak! Dolls have a lot of potential for scary makeup. Dress up as a doll and rock the party.

These Halloween costumes will make a great get-up for a fun Halloween night. Be your scariest best this Halloween and steal the show!

Which is your favorite Halloween costume idea? Do you have an ‘out-of-the-box’ idea for this Halloween witch makeup? Do share with us.

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