Top 10 Trapezius Muscle Exercises To Stay Fit

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The trapezius muscle or traps happen to be one of the most important muscle groups in our body. They are not just broad and thick, but also support the neck and spine region. When you work these muscles at the gym on a regular basis, you are able to get a leaner and toned upper body. But to build those amazing traps, you need to work hard! And by that I do not mean that you have to hit the gym every day. You can get it done at home easily. All you have to do is follow the exercises listed in this article and if you are diligent, your body is going to see great change shutter in a very short span of time.

Top Ten Trapezius Muscle Exercises:

So let’s begin with the top 10 trapezius muscle exercises that will make you lean, fit, and super hot!

1. Barbell Shrugs:

The barbell shrugs is an effective move that can be done with the help of a barbell or even dumbbells. If you have a shrug machine at home, that will do too

  1. Stand straight and keep your feet apart.
  2. Now hold the dumbbells or the barbell with both your hands.
  3. Your palms should be facing up.
  4. Now bring your shoulders up as far as you can.
  5. Hold them for a couple of seconds.
  6. Release.
  7. Now repeat 4 sets of 10 reps each.

2. Bent Over Lateral Raises:

This move is great for your traps. It tones your upper body and makes you look slimmer automatically.

  1. Stand straight. Keep your feet apart.
  2. Now hold the dumbbells or barbells with both your hands.
  3. Make sure those palms are facing inwards.
  4. The dumbbells should be at your thigh level.
  5. Now bring those shoulders up and hold it for a couple of seconds.
  6. Bring it back down.
  7. Repeat 4 sets 10 times each.

3. Standing Dumbbell Upright Row:

This exercise is absolutely amazing for your back as well as shoulder region. However, you need to keep the back straight throughout if you don’t want to get injured.

  1. Stand straight. Keep those legs hip width apart.
  2. Now grab those dumbbells with both your hands.
  3. Remember that your hands need to be in line with your thighs.
  4. Lift those weights in a controlled manner.
  5. Breathe in when you begin. Breathe out when you push it down.
  6. Repeat 4 sets with 10 reps each.

4. Face Pulls:

Face Pulls is one of the best moves for your traps. It develops strength and helps you get into shape.

  1. To begin this exercise, you have to take a rope and attach it to the cable machine first.
  2. Now take the rope and hold it using both your hands.
  3. Take your weight and pull it towards your face area.
  4. Always remember that your upper arms need to stay parallel to the ground.
  5. Your elbows should be higher than the wrists throughout.
  6. Now bring your rope back to the first position.
  7. Repeat.

5. Calf Machine Shoulder Shrugs:

This exercise helps you achieve amazing results in a very short span of time.

  1. The first thing you need to do for this exercise is to position yourself.
  2. Make sure that both your shoulder pads are located right on top of the shoulders itself.
  3. Now bring them towards your ears.
  4. Hold for a second as you breathe out.
  5. Now come back to the start.
  6. Repeat.

6. Kettle Bell Sumo High Pull:

This exercise is a great strength move that works not only your traps but also your shoulders muscles and quadriceps.

  1. Stand straight with your feet apart.
  2. Squat down as you hold the kettle bell using both the hands.
  3. It should be lowered.
  4. Now as you come up, bring the kettle bell up too.
  5. The kettle bell should be in front of you.
  6. Now bring it back down to the first position.
  7. Repeat.

7. The High Pull:

The High Pull is an effective workout that can help you tone and shape your traps in no time. Make sure the technique is proper to prevent any kind of injuries.

  1. Hold the kettle bell in your right hand.
  2. Bend slightly. You should be in a semi squat position.
  3. Your left hand should be straight out.
  4. Now bring the kettle bell near your shoulders
  5. Repeat.

8. Push Ups:

Push Ups are not just great for your traps, but also work your abdominals, biceps and triceps. You will be working a whole lot of muscle groups with this move!

  1. Lie on your chest. Keep your arms extended.
  2. Your hands should be in front of you.
  3. Make sure the weight has been distributed throughout the body in an equal manner.
  4. Now bend those elbows as you bring your body slightly down.
  5. Come up and repeat.

9. Arm Circles:

This move is simple and absolutely perfect for your traps, shoulders, and forearms.

  1. Stand straight and bend those knees gently.
  2. Bring your arms straight out and extend them now.
  3. You can also hold dumbbells in both your hands if you want.
  4. Now rotate both of them together for a minute.
  5. Repeat.

10. Superman:

No, you don’t need to be a superhero to do this move! The Superman works your traps, back and buttocks.

  1. Lie on the ground.
  2. Your arms should be extended throughout.
  3. Now lift your legs and toes a couple of inches off the ground.
  4. Engage those core muscles.
  5. Hold for a couple of seconds.
  6. Come back to the first position.
  7. Now repeat.
  8. You could to this about 5 to 10 times.

And that’s that! Just include these moves in your daily workout regimen and get an ’oh-so-awesome’ upper body in a jiffy! Try them!

What moves do you use to work your traps? Share your routine with us and help us get healthy too.

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