Top 10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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Do you diet and exercise hard in the days running up to a holiday? It is difficult to keep those inevitable extra kilos at bay when there is so much food to indulge in. Frosted cookies in small jars lurking in every corner of your home or office may tempt you, the unopened chocolate boxes may lure you, but unless you want to emerge on the other side of the holiday a few pounds heavier, try to resist.

Top 10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: 

Here are some tips that will help you dodge those calories you worked so hard to slough off throughout the year.

1. Keep Busy: 

Sometimes, especially when the party has amazing food, people forget that there are other sides of a party. Talk to your friends, socialize with new faces and dance. Don’t stand near the food as you are more likely to keep eating when the food is near you. If you are busy chatting with people, you are less likely to break off a conversation to go have a bite.

2. Don’t Go to a Party on an Empty Stomach: 

Have a small meal before you go to a holiday party. Do not arrive at the party starving or hungry because that will make you go straight to the food table and overeat. A bowl of fruit or granola and yoghurt or any small helping of a nutritious snack is helpful in curbing your cravings.

3. Be Smart at the Buffet: 
In the buffet, take a small plate so you cannot load up a lot of food on it. If you have a small plate, you are less likely to eat a lot because you can only go to the buffet table so many times. Shrimp, fruits and vegetables are healthy buffet food while dips and sauces are full of calories.

4. Count the Appetizers: 

Canapés are the most deceitful kind of food. Small in size, you can easily eat a number of them before realizing you have had too much! A lot of these canapés are loaded with fatty cheese and meats as well. So counting the number of canapés you have is a great trick to keep your calorie intake in check. Also look for canapés that are healthier and eat those.

5. Go Slow on the Food: 

The best way to keep yourself from overeating, on any occasion, is to eat slowly. The stomach is slow in sending the signal to your brain that it is full. So talk to someone while eating, chew your food slowly and put down the fork between mouthfuls. A great way to prevent holiday weight gain.

6. Bring Healthy Food to Potluck: 

If you are going to a potluck, take healthy food like fruits to avoid holiday weight gain. It’s a misconception that people won’t like fruits in a party. It adds the much needed freshness to the food fare.

7. Eat More Protein: 

When eating, stick to lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and seafood. Dishes with low fat cheeses and yogurt are also good for you.

8. Limit Alcohol: 

Avoid drinking too much. If you have had too much alcohol, you will have less control and are more likely to overeat.

9. Go Easy on the Tasting:

If you are hosting a party and preparing the food yourself, be pedantic about tasting. Use the smallest spoon you can find to sample and do not taste more than once pre-seasoning and post-seasoning.

10. Keep Exercising:

This is the most crucial tip for avoiding holiday weight gain. Along with eating in moderation, you just have to keep up exercising. If you cannot take the time out, go for a brisk walk in the morning. But whatever you do, do not let yourself go, thinking that you will pick it up once the holiday ends.

Holidays are a time to relax and enjoy. But they are also a time when you can pack on those pounds. Don’t let your hard earned weight loss go for a toss! Just be mindful of what you eat and you’ll be fine.

Do you gain weight during the holiday season? What do you do to prevent it? Share your tips to avoid holiday weight gain with us in the comments section below.

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