Top 10 Super Healthy Foods For Your Kids

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Kids must eat only fresh, healthy and non-junk foods to stay fit. But much as we would want otherwise, kids hate eating such healthy and nutritious food. We, as parents, have to make sure that our children are eating right and getting all the required nutrition.

Here is a list of healthy foods for kids to eat. Believe, they are healthiest foods!

Best Healthy Food for Kids

1. Eggs:

Eggs are packed with protein and DHA that help in proper growth of your baby’s brain.

2. Berries:

Strawberries and blueberries are the best food for your kids. They are a rich source of many vitamins and antioxidants. You can give them plain or just sprinkle little raw sugar.

3. Tuna:

Tuna may not be a favourite of kids, but it’s filled with enough nutrients that your child needs. Give your kids tuna by mixing it with lettuce to make a sandwich. You can also try to mix it with rice or cheese to get the right amount of protein.

4. Legumes:

Legumes such as baked beans, black beans, lima beans, black-eyed peas, and chick peas are the best source of protein for your kids. Cereal aids in digestion and is packed with fiber to make a healthy food for your kids.

5. Dairy:

Cow’s milk is the best source of protein and calcium for your kid. Try to give whole milk to your baby till the age of 2 as this is great for brain development. Ensure your teen kids eat calcium dairy for stronger bones.

6. Yogurt:

Yogurt contains good bacteria, which can help your kid grow healthier. You can choose from a low-fat version and low sugar version. Add plain yogurt to some fruits to make it delicious. This is a very healthy food for kids to eat.

7. Fruits and Vegetables:

Fruits are naturally sweet and a popular snack among children. It is suggested for kids to take 1.5 cups of fruit every day. You can also add plain yogurt to get calcium. Dried fruit also has much nutritional value and should be included in your kids’ food. Vegetables should be the first choice to feed your kids for a healthy life. Fruits and vegetables help to improve nutrition, decrease obesity risk and aids in better school performance.

  • Improved Nutrition:

Fruits and vegetables are filled with vitamins, minerals and many healthy compounds. They help in boosting the immune system, promote good eye-health and prevent the risk of anemia. Give fruits and vegetables in rainbow colors to your kids for nutrients.

  • Obesity:

Fruits and vegetables contain fiber and are low in fat and calories. Encourage your kids to eat fruits and vegetables to avoid obesity. This also helps to reduce the risk of high cholesterol, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, respiratory problems and depression.

  • Proper Digestion:

Fruits and vegetables are high-fiber foods that aid proper digestive system functioning. This also helps to give relief from constipation to kids. You can add apricots, plums, peas, beans, prunes, and broccoli for regular bowel movements.

  • Better School Performance:

Children who eat fruits and vegetables perform better in their academic, physical as well as overall development.

8. Whole Grains:

Feed your kids withwhite bread and whole grains by making a sandwich. You can get the best nutrition by taking “100% stone-ground wheat”.

9. Sweet Potato:

Sweet potatoes are orange-fleshed root vegetables and a rich source of beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes contain essential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. To get the nutritional benefits from sweet potatoes it is important to steam or boil them. Sweet potato helps to prevent oxidative damage to your kid’s cells and promotes healing.

10. Nuts:

Include nuts in your kid’s diet. Walnuts have the healthiest benefits than all other nuts.

These are the most nutritious and healthy foods for kids that you must definitely include in your kiddo’s diet. Make sure your child is eating healthy. If you have a fussy eater at hand, include healthy ingredients in delicious dishes. Make it appetising, make it look good and your child will soon love eating these nutritious foods. Do tell us if you tried any of the above.

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