Top 10 Natural Formulations To Treat Dandruff

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You are dressed up for that happening party in a LBD when you suddenly notice a veil of white covering your shoulder. Yup, these snowy flakes are dandruff and you better stick to all whites till you can get rid of these fakes. But the white dress can hide the dry flakes but what will you do about the severe itching?

Dandruff is mainly caused by drying of the scalp which in turn leads to flakiness and itching. But fortunately, there is a solution to every problem. The market is flooded with lotions which claim to treat dandruff. It is wise to use lotions which tackle the root cause of dandruff. In other words, pythrithone zinc based lotions are good for treating the problems of dandruff and dry scalp. This smoothens the scalp and prevents the re-occurrence of dandruff.

Natural formula and lotions to treat dandruff in India:

1. Extract of Rosemary: 

Rosemary extracts are also very useful in treating dandruff because they have anti-microbial properties, which help in curing the problem. Scalp infections can be prevented and lotions containing rosemary extracts can also be used in treating more serious problems like scalp psoriasis.

2. Almond Extracts:

The set of dandruff shampoos and conditioners that contain almond leaf extracts is an excellent option for treating this condition. These products also moisturize the scalp thoroughly. The shampoo and the conditioner should ideally be used every day and together in order to enjoy full benefits.

3. Citrus Energizers: 

Just like dry scalp causes dandruff, excessive oils attract dirt and dust and do no good to your hair. Fruit extracts and concentrates of citrus fruits help in controlling the oil production of the scalp and help in preventing dandruff. A number of lotions use these extracts and they also help in making your hair shiny and smooth. Citrus energizers are a part of the formulae in most lotions used by leading salons and hair clinics. This active ingredient not only makes sure that dandruff is removed, but also cuts down significantly the chances of re-occurrence.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar: 

Those white pesky dandruff flakes are best treated by a rinse of ACV. Though this may sound to you like a rather dreadful preposition, trust us when we say that vinegar is one of the best lotions you can ever lay your hands upon to cure dandruff. This potent liquid will also reduce the growth of fungus and stop dandruff from spreading.

5. Baking Soda Paste: 

A simple fool proof treatment for dandruff is none other than a paste of baking soda. Easy to find at home, this ingredient can be your best friend while combating dandruff. Mix water and the powder in right proportion to form a pasty lotion to apply on your head. Cover your head with the lotion and allow it to stay for a few hours before washing away.

6. Fenugreek:

A lotion made of fenugreek seeds and warm water too can do wonders for your scalp, getting rid of dandruff in a jiffy! Soak the seeds in a bowl of water overnight, grind into a paste the following morning and liberally apply on the scalp for 2 weeks for best results. This lotion also acts as a natural emollient and leaves your hair soft and shiny.

7. Listerine:

Yes, you read that right! That yellowish liquid on your bathroom shelf can help treat dandruff that refuses to abate. Just dilute and rinse your hair with listerine for a few weeks to fight dandruff naturally.

8. Tea Tree Oil:

Yet another natural lotion, tea tree oil helps remove the excess oil in the hair that at times is the cause for a dandruff outbreak. One tablespoon of tea tree oil in a mug of warm water is what you should apply to your hair and scalp before a shower to treat dandruff.

9. Lemon Juice:

What is it that lemon juice cannot do? From treating acne scars to replenishing the body on a sunny day, lemon juice is hands down the best natural remedy that you can ever find. This juice contains acids that break down the fungus that produces dandruff in just a few applications. Try it to believe it!

10. A Powerful Combination: 

Lastly, a combination of salicylic acid, oatmeal content, noni extracts, and eucalyptus tea make for a potent combination which then makes your dandruff problem vanish. A number of lotions have discovered the magic of this combination and are using it liberally.

A Few Over the Counter Lotions that Help Too:

There have been a lot of scientific and technological advances in the field of hair care. For example, a number of lotions boast of ZPTO technology or micro moisture serum technology, which is just a fancy way of saying that these help in locking the moisture contained in hair and prevents the scalp from drying out. These lotions also help in making hair much smoother and shinier than before, and they contribute to the overall hair care in a comprehensive way.

1. Pro V Formula:

The Pro V formula is important because it penetrates every hair strand and the scalp to hydrate it. This is extremely important if you want a long term solution to your dandruff problem. A number of lotions use the Pro V formula to treat dandruff and have become very popular as well.

2. T/Gel Formula:

T/Gel formula has also become a hit in the country. They are very useful in giving a lovely bouncy feel to your hair overall.

3. Vitamin B3, Zinc Extracts and Amino Acids:

Vitamin B3, zinc extracts especially Zinc P and amino acids are also useful in curing dandruff. As a result of this, a number of lotions use these elements as their core ingredients to make a formula which is both effective and gentle on the scalp. Pantene anti dandruff, the all popular Head and Shoulders, and Clinic All Clear are just few of the many over the counter concoctions that do wonders at clearing dandruff from the scalp.

This winter do not ignore dandruff any longer. Take the bull by its horns and end this problem. Do not confuse the white flakes you see on your shoulders with snowflakes as it may be dandruff. Choose the best solution and put an end to it.

Do you have dandruff? Have you found a cure for it? Do share your tips with us in the comments section below!

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