Top 10 Mole Removal Creams Available In India

Moles, big or small, are not necessarily beauty points for all. They are skin imperfections that can tarnish your overall looks as well. Other than surgical measures, you might find it handy to try a few mole removing creams.

Best Mole Removing Creams In India

1. DermaTend:
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Sometimes people confuse acne removing creams as mole removers. However, the difference is huge. DermaTend is a known as a natural mole removing cream. It takes about 8 hours to clear your moles.

The encouraging customer reviews segregate this cream from various other scammers in the markets.

Price: $74 approximately

2.  Wart And Mole Vanish:

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This is yet another mole removing cream that is intended to be applied directly on the moles. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes for the cream to start working. The mole turns grayish black and is completely wiped off in 4 to 5 days. The best part of this product is that it does not cause any tingling, burning sensation or pain upon application.

Price: $80 approximately

3. Nevexen/Nevi-Skin:

Top 10 Mole Removal Creams Available in India (3)Image : © Mqdee

Nevexen forms a natural method to get rid of ugly moles and mole scars. The herbal formula of Nevexen offers freedom from moles with a single application (mostly). You might feel tingling or burning sensation on the application area initially. However, the company claims that this shows that the cream is working.

Price: $70 approximately

4. Bio-T Herbals:

Top 10 Mole Removal Creams Available in India (4)Image : © Mqdee

Bio-T herbals mole removal cream offers an organic formula that helps in mole removal in 5 to 7 days. It offers an irritation-free method of removing moles. In the cases of unusually obstinate moles, it may take upto 12 weeks to get a mole free skin.

Price: $30 approximately

5. NoNevus: 

Top 10 Mole Removal Creams Available in India (5)

Image : © Mqdee

NoNevus is a cream based on 7 day mole removing program. It usually offers no side effects. However, do not apply on and around the eye area. It is costlier than a few other mole removal creams in the market. Hence, it earns the 5th slot in our pick of top 10 mole removal creams in India.
Price: $150 approximately

6. Nevi No More:

Top 10 Mole Removal Creams Available in India (6)Image : © Mqdee

Nevi No More offers freedom from moles, warts and mole scars. The natural oil formula of this product usually takes up to 4 weeks to remove a mole completely. It is a natural and cheaper means of mole removal. It features a powerful herbal formula containing sesame oil, geranium, thuja, lavender and a few more ingredients.

Price: $29 approximately

7. Skin Tag Remover:

Top 10 Mole Removal Creams Available in India (7)Image : © Mqdee

It is a chemical-free homeopathic mole removal cream. It takes about 5 weeks to remove the mole, which is comparatively a longer time period. This is because homeopathy believes in uprooting the problem completely. The best part of this cream is that it is painless, doesn’t burn, leave no marks/scars and doesn’t upset the PH level of the skin.

Price: $30 approximately

8. Moles Formula:

Top 10 Mole Removal Creams Available in India (8)

Image : © Mqdee

This is yet another homeopathic solution for mole removal. This liquid formula removes moles by gradually reducing their size in a span of 3 weeks. It is free of chemicals and thus, causes no side effects.
Price: $30 approximately

9. Freeze Away Wart Remover By Dr Scholl:

Top 10 Mole Removal Creams Available in India (9)Image : © Mqdee

This mole removal cream is recommended by various dermatologists. The results become visible from the first application of the cream to the affected area. The cream is not meant for children below 4 years of age. It may require up to 10 applications to remove the moles completely, depending upon the size and depth of the same.

Price: $23 approximately

10. Natural Body And Skin:

Top 10 Mole Removal Creams Available in India (10)Image : © Mqdee

Natural Body and Skin cream, which is a birthmark removal cream too, triggers the formation of collagen in the skin. Apply 3 to 4 times daily for 7 to 10 days to get optimal results. Apply on the affected mole area carefully until the mole starts peeling away layer after layer.

Price: $45 approximately

Nothing comes before safety. Moles not just vary in size; they can vary in types as well, i.e. cancerous and non-cancerous. It can become life-threatening to use any kind of solutions on the cancerous moles. Therefore, never go ahead with any creams or treatment methods without proper consultation with your doctor.

Have you ever tried any of the mole removal creams mentioned above, instead of the costly and fussy surgical methods? Did you find any of them useful? Share your feedback in the comment section.

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