Top 10 Makeup Tips That Will Make Your Mornings Easier

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Stuck between sleep and looking beautiful? You are not alone!

Whether you are late for the day or you just wish to sleep for those precious extra 10 minutes, the start of the day does tend to be hurried for most of us. Usually, getting ready in the morning is all about running against time. And that is why it is a great idea to learn a few quick and easy makeup tricks. How about looking great in just 5 minutes? Sounds amazing, right? Yes, it is absolutely possible to look beautiful and pretty within few minutes with the right tricks! Now, you needn’t fight a battle every morning to get ready for the day. Yes, I promise you even with 5 minutes in hand, you will look polished and defined!

Top 10 Makeup Tips That Will Make Your Mornings Easier:

Here are our top 10 makeup tips to make you look good for the day in just a few minutes:

1. Hydrate At Night:

Hydration definitely tops our list for the morning makeup routine, as it helps you look naturally beautiful and dewy. After all, who wants to carry those dry flakes of skin to the office or college? Pamper your skin every night before you go to sleep with a good dose of your favorite moisturizer. I promise, you will wake up with baby soft and gentle skin, which in turn will help you create that flawless canvas for easy and quick makeup application.

2. Use Tinted Moisturizer:

Tinted moisturizer is a great compromise between wearing a heavy foundation and going completely bare face! Layering, blending and do all the heavy work with foundation just is not feasible with only few minutes in hand. So, instead choose a formula like a tinted moisturizer, tinted sunscreens, cc or bb cream, which is light and blends easily into the skin with your fingers. It sets into a powder form and gives a natural coverage to make you look beautiful. Tinted moisturizers also hydrate your skin. So you can keep dryness at bay for the day! Simply layer it all over your face and set it with an oil-free compact to prevent creasing.

3. Skip Toner:

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the skin is the best skin care regime, which every girl should follow as a beauty commandment! But, you can easily skip applying a toner after cleansing the skin if you have an oily skin. So, you really don’t need to apply a toner every single day.

4. Pick Double Duty Products:

Mornings can be made easier and quicker if you look for makeup products, which can work in two or three different ways. Pick a lipstick – double it up for your lips as well as your cheeks for a natural quick flush, smudge your eye pencil on your upper and lower lash line to look good even without eyeshadows. Wipe the extra Vaseline that you may have on hands into your dry hair to control frizz!

5. Get Organized:

Keeping your makeup neatly organized is very important. Every single morning I waste more than half of my time searching and pulling out stuffs from my makeup bag! Whether you are searching for black eyeliner, mascara or moisturizer, organize them neatly to avoid wasting of time. It is also a smart idea to use a transparent bag and put in all the makeup stuffs which you like to use for your mornings. Line your lipsticks, eye pencils and any other product in a customized order to locate them easily.

6. Skip Liner:

Unless you are planning for a night out or a special party, you can easily skip eyeliner in the mornings. Yes, I know, eyeliner has been a makeup staple for every girl since ages, but it does take extra few minutes to get the line perfect and neat! So, instead, apply two to three coats of mascara for that extra oomph to your eyes. And don’t forget to wiggle the mascara wand even for your lower lashes as it will add depth to your eyes.

7. Love Low Maintenance Lips:

We all love wearing bright and bold lips for several good reasons, but sometimes there’s absolutely no time to line, fill and paint your perfect pout especially when every minute counts in the morning! So, instead choose low maintenance lip products, such as tinted colored lip balms or sheer lip gloss, which takes only few seconds to apply and can be easily worn even without looking at the mirror!

8. Blush Fast:

When you have just a few minutes in hand, please don’t dream of contouring and highlighting your face! So, swap a cream or powder blush, which is easy to blend in formula because we absolutely don’t want to have streaks of color as a result of getting ready within few minutes!

9. Eyelash Curler:

Eyelash curlers hardly take a second to open up your eyes! So, even if you don’t have time for putting on eyeliner or mascara, do remember to tweak your eyelashes. Curled eyelashes widen and create a fuller lash effect for your eyes. It will make you look awake and beautiful within a couple of seconds. If you have added time, then swipe mascara and you are ready to face the world!

10. Frame Brows:

Eyebrows frame your face. So, brush out your brows with a spoolie, grab a dark black or brown eyeshadow or use a pencil to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows. It draws attention to your eyes and gives your face a fresh, awake and lifted look.

So, now you can spend those extra few minutes in bed without worrying about getting late for work or college! With these tricks and tips, you can now get ready to face the world in a jiffy!

Which one is your favorite trick to get ready quickly in the mornings? Do you use makeup in the morning or skip it? Lets us know in the comments section below.

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