Top 10 Lip Primers Available In India

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Women are huge fans of lip makeup. And rightly so! After all, lips are the most attractive features of a woman’s face. Let’s take the art of beautifying lips to another level by exploring 10 best lip primers. A lip primer in general is a color locking solution that prevents chapping of lips, dryness, flaking and peeling. In short, it protects your lips against damages as well as makes them tinted, soft and attractive.

Top 10 Lip Primers:

Feeling anxious about your pigmented lips? Are you sick of trying useless and expensive products that claim to provide nourishment to the lips, but never work? Maybe it’s time for you to switch to branded and reputed lip primers. StyleCraze brings the top 10 lip primers that you can use to make your lips attractive.

1. BH Cosmetics Lip Primer:

Soak your lips in the color blasting goodness of the BH cosmetics Lip Primer. Its super rich and creamy texture protects the lips against dryness, pigmentation and chapping. This US brand eye and lip primer seals the color of your lipstick and tones it to a better shade. It can also be used as an eye primer. It has a beige shade that looks seamless with or without lipsticks.

Price: $11.95 approximately for 3 gm

2. MAC Prep + Prime Lip Primer:

This nude lip primer offers the goodness of nourishing oils that prevent lip darkening. This sheer excellence primer by MAC can be worn with or without lipsticks. Sealing the moisture, it nourishes the lips. It repairs lip darkening and pigmentation, and restores the natural tint of your lips with regular use.
Price: $10 for 1.7 gm

3. Line And Define Lip Primer By Bite Beauty:

The Line and Define lip primer has a chemical free natural formula that protects lips against dryness. It rolls seamlessly over the lips and prevents cracking and chapping. The biggest plus is its in-built sharper, provided at the base. Its lysine and silica rich formula locks lip color and repairs pigmentation to seal the natural lip hue.

Price: $22 for 0.05 oz

4. Time Wise Age Fighting Lip Primer By Mary Kay:

This is an ageless lip primer by Mary Kay that repairs lip lines and freckles. Aging can make lips dry, loose and dull. This lip primer repairs age line from lips and seals moisture. It also offers more volume to lipstick wear. Your lips will look youthful and fuller with the constant use of this miraculous lip primer by Mary Kay.

Price: $23 for 0.05 oz

5. Lip Primer by NYX:

The NYX lip primer offers dual benefits of color correction and tone adjustment. Its color correcting technique restores the natural hue of lips. The tone adjusting technique focuses on improving dryness, chapping, freckles, fine lines and pigmentation. This natural primer offers a blasting color seal technology that makes lipsticks last longer without smudging.

Price: $7 for 9 gm

6. Lip Insurance Lip Primer By Too Faced: 

This amazing colorless lip primer protects the lips against feathering. The matte base formula of this primer manages to repair and tone hue damage. It makes lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms last longer without smudging.

Price: $19 for 0.15 Oz

7. Potion Lip Primer By Urban Decay:

The super silky smoothening lip primer by Urban Decay works like a sun guard with its SPF 15 sun cover. It restores the lost tint of lips with its unique moisture lock technology that guards against dryness and flaking. It also prevents lip darkening due to sun damage.

Price: Euros 13 for 10 gm

8. Lipfusion XL By Fusion Beauty:

This chemical-free lip primer serves as a perfect base for chapped lips that need nourishment. It keeps the lips safe of feathering, dryness, age lines and pigmentation.

Price: $28 approximately for 0.2 Ounce

9. Lip Primer And Plumper By ELF Studio:

This is a multipurpose base and balm that offers the goodness of primer and plumper. You can apply this primer as a lipstick base; and plumper over lipsticks to increase gloss and improve durability. This non sticky lip primer offers protection against lip ageing and darkening.

Price: Rs. 1,600 for 1.6 gm

10. Picture Perfect Lip Primer By Cargo HD:

This lip primer is a deep hydrating formula that protects lips against premature ageing. Its silica particles heal the visible signs of lip ageing like fine lines, freckles and dryness.

Price: Rs. 3,200 for 4.46 gm

These are some of the best lip primers you would ever come across. Lip primers should be part of your daily fashion regimen if you truly love your lips!

Did you like the idea of using lip primers to improve your lip health? Do you like a particular brand for priming your lips? Share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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