Top 10 Human Genetic Disorders

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Life is beautiful. To be alive means to enjoy the beauty of this universe. But, to be alive also means dealing with innumerable diseases!

There are many ailments that can affect you throughout the life. Some of these are caused by lifestyle, diet, and infection. And some of them are hereditary, where genetic ailments may affect men and women. If your predecessors carry such genes, chances are that the disease may manifest in you or your kids at some point of time. Some of these genetic ailments do not have any remedy while some others can be controlled to an extent.

Causes Of Genetic Disorders:

The main causes of genetic ailments in humans are chromosomal and genetic anomalies. It can be random or passed from gene of parents to offspring.
The main causes of genetic disorder include:

  • Mutations
  • Chromosome Duplications
  • Chromosome Deletions
  • Aneuploidy
  • Translocations

10 Human Genetic Disorders:

There are a number of genetic diseases, which can have fatal consequences. You can learn about the prospect of any such ailment running in your genes by getting specific medical tests done. Here are the 10 most common genetic disorders:

1. Cystic Fibrosis:

Cystic fibrosis is a fatal genetic ailment. It forms thick and sticky mucus, which affects the lungs. It eventually leads to lungs and pancreas infection. The disease can make breathing difficult. It also results in blockage of digestive enzymes. Though this genetic ailment has no cure, doctors recommend antibiotic therapy to lessen the effect.

2. Alzheimer’s Disease:

Alzheimer’s disease is a common variant of dementia, which causes gradual memory loss accompanied by confusion, lack of cognitive skills and irritability. This is a degenerative disease that can affect you in old age. While it has no specific cure, scientists recommend using mental exercises and a balanced diet to slow down the effects.

3. Bipolar Affective Disorder:

This is a genetic disorder that can affect the mind and may result in unpredictable mood swings. It also causes bouts of severe depression. It is often treated with psychotherapy.

4. Sickle Cell Disease:

You will not get afflicted with this ailment when one of your parents carries this gene. But, when both of your parents carry this gene, you are more likely to get it. In this ailment, the sickled red blood cells attack and destroy organs and joints. It can lead to organ failure and death.

5. Obesity:

Considered as an epidemic, obesity today affects a major part of the global population. While you may become obese owing to dietary and lifestyle reasons, if your parents are obese, you may be more prone to excess weight gain.

6. Cardiac Ailments:

Some types of heart diseases are passed on from parents to kids. One such instance is Brugada disease, which makes heartbeat irregular. If a member in your family has this ailment, you may opt for an electrocardiogram test.

7. Huntington’s Disease:

Huntington’s disease is a degenerative genetic ailment that can deteriorate the functionality of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and brain. This is an autosomal dominant disorder. You may have 50% chances of getting it from your parents and passing it to your kids if one of your parents has it. It mostly affects the middle aged people. The symptoms include behavioral changes, cognitive loss, uncontrolled movement etc.

8. Hemachromatosis:

In this hereditary ailment, your body’s capacity to soak in iron from the foods and drinks is diminished. Left untreated, it can lead to serious damage to organs.

9. Thalassaemias:

Thalassaemia is a collection of blood disorders seeping through genetic route. It happens when red blood cells in your blood cannot synthesize hemoglobin. It leads to onset of anemia, and triggers symptoms including lack of appetite, bone pain and shortness of breath.

10. Hemophilia:

Hemophilia is a widely found genetic disorder that affects the clotting capacity of the blood. If you carry this disorder in your genes, even a minor injury can lead to death. It affects men more than women.

Genetic ailments are often not under your control, but you can check family health records and undergo suitable tests to check if you have any genetic disorder. Cure may not be possible in some cases, but with timely intervention, you can control most of these ailments.

Diseases are a part of life. Certain diseases we can prevent, while others we can just leave on fate! Be informed but don’t let the chance of a disease rule your life!

Do you or someone you know suffer from any of these genetic disorders? How did you find out? Share with use the comments below.

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