Top 10 Hair Colours From Majirel

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In the world of hair color, there are very few names that have gained renown, trust, and loyalty from their users. With constantly evolving technology, it becomes difficult for many to keep up, and the result is that they either lose their customers or they have to shut shop.

For any woman who has ever colored her hair or even considered coloring it, there’s one name that is synonymous with it: L’oreal. Yes, L’oreal is one of those few brands that have committed themselves to bettering every product that they introduce to their customer base.

Majirel Hair Color Range:

L’oreal is constantly finding new ways to better their range of hair coloring agents, and how! The latest baby on the block is the Majirel Permanent Hair Color range. This particular range has colors from striking blondes to deep natural tones. Using intensive conditioning agents has always been L’oreal’s practice, and it continues with this range of stunning colors. Here is a list of colors and shades that will suit Indian skin tones the best:

1Golden Brown:

One cannot help but sigh when the vision of golden brown hair crosses our minds. With Majirel’s intensive permanent coloring formula, be prepared to take that vision to a whole new level of stunning.

2Golden Copper Blonde:

Yes, I know what you are thinking. ‘How will a shade of blonde possibly suit olive-skinned women in India?’ Trust me, the subtle hints of gold and copper will help give your hair color a fashionable twist.

3Copper Mahogany Blonde:

Three of the most popular colors together! If you want to imagine what this Majirel hair colour will look like, imagine a tree with a dark bark, with autumn foliage on it, and the dried leaves fallen below!

4. Light Ash, Mahogany Brown:

Giving mahogany its true parent color, this shade can have subtle hints of ash and will really work with all Indian skin tones.

5. Dark Mahogany, Golden Brown:

A tinge darker than its natural color, dark mahogany, when combined with classic golden blonde, can result in only one thing: divine awesomeness!

6. Dark Copper Red Blonde:

Ah! Finally the Majirel red hair color is here. The deepness of copper, combined with red, and dashes and pops of gold are just what the doctor ordered for the woman who wants to paint the town red.

7. Deep Dark Brown:

A classic for women with whitish or fair complexion, deep dark brown is THE go-to color for a woman who wants to maintain a solid color while slightly modifying it from the standard jet black that most women here are born with.

8. Golden Mahogany Brown:

Another killer combination of Loreal Majirel hair color is deep brown with tinges of gold. I don’t know about you, but this color is something that I would definitely try out when I get my next haircut.

9. Copper Mahogany Brown:

A darker version of its blonde counterpart, this one is all about style, sophistication, glamour, and oomph. A dark mane with teasing hints of copper is perfect for a sassy look.

10. Black:

Keeping the ever-growing popularity of dark hair and the attraction towards this exotic color in mind, Majirel also has a natural black color. Designed for the woman who knows exactly what she wants.

All Majirel colors are free from ammonia. They provide complete grey coverage as is the standard of any L’oreal coloring product. It even has its own range of colors, specially designed for highlights.

The colors are long-lasting and provide a glossy finish to the hair, which some may even call reflective. So, when are you getting yourself one of these glorious hair colors?

Which is your favorite Majirel hair colour? Have you used any if these shades? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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