Top 10 Exercises For A Healthy Heart

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Cardio workouts do much more than just sculpting your body and burning all those extra calories. They improve the circulation of blood to your heart, enhancing its health and shielding your from cardiovascular conditions. And for that you need not be a fitness freak! Check out these 10 exercises for a healthy heart and you will agree with me.

Decide the Right Exercise for Heart Health! Top 10 Exercises

1. Walking:

This is the simplest among all cardio workouts, which comes at zero cost. All that you need is a good pair of walking shoes or for that matter, any footwear that is comfortable for you. While brisk walking is more beneficial as it pumps up your heart, even taking a stroll in your favorite garden daily can keep your heart healthy. Or, if you are a gym addict, then stride on the treadmill for 20 minutes at a pace that you can keep up. Studies suggest that your life gets a boost of 120 seconds for every 60 seconds of walking!

2. Skipping the Rope:

Come on, this is not just another girly game. A perfect exercise for healthy heart! It burns oodles of calories, tones your thighs, and abs. Plus, your coordination levels get a boost. You can pick a skipping rope that falls within your budget and start jumping at your own convenience. There are countless ones available in the market, right from simple ones priced at Rs. 20 to ones with digital timers attached! There are some where you can add weights for added benefit. Walk around skipping – yes – this is a double booster!

3. Swimming:

Turn your favorite hobby into a whole body fitness regimen as you splash in the water and indulge in a high energy cardio workout. Swimming teaches you how to breathe the right way; it also improves the circulation of blood to your heart by elevating the heartbeat. And, if you have a joint problem, such as arthritis, then forget walking and start swimming. You can join a class and learn various strokes. Along with shielding you from major medical conditions, swimming also bestows you with a toned body.

4. Cycling:

Be it cross country cycling or your stationary one, cycling is a low impact workout that makes sure your heart is safe and secure. Chuck out the autos and cars; instead hop on to your bicycle and cycle your way to office daily. Yes, an ideal complete fitness routine for a person who spends countless hours in front of the PC every day. Along with pumping your heart, it also strengthens, stretches, and shapes your lower body and core. If cycling is an exercise form on its own for you, then try using inclines for added benefits. However, it will be better to stay away from cycling if you have ever had some grave knee injuries, including knee cap dislocation.

5. Dancing:

I just love to dance! Be it Salsa or Bharatnatyam or hip hop, all of them are excellent healthy heart exercises that can keep your heart healthy and strong. Being a dancer, I know how your heartbeats enjoy those heaves and sighs as you dance your way. Choose a soft, yet energy filled form, such as Salsa, if your aim is to own a hourglass figure while safeguarding your heart.

6. Yoga:

Yoga for back pain, yoga for weight loss, yoga for this, yoga for that – but yoga for healthy heart? Yes, yoga has a solution for this too. There are countless asanas such as Adho Mukha Svanasana and Marjariasana, the flowing and powerful Surya Namaskars, and assorted breathing techniques in yoga. Practice yoga the right way to keep your heart pumping away happily.

7. Running:

Running is more effective than walking, provided you have the space to run safely. According to a study conducted at Harvard, people who indulged in running at least 60 minutes a week have 42% lesser chances of developing and succumbing to cardiovascular disorders. Running for a good 30 minutes a day is known to improve your fitness levels, lower the bad cholesterol, improve the good cholesterol, lower blood pressure levels, and ease and prevent inflammatory conditions. However, that does not mean you have to pull out your shoes and indulge in a heavy paced running right now. Start slowly. Learn how to breathe the right way while running. And, then start with short durations, improving the time with practice.

8. Skating:

This low impact aerobic exercise is good for the health of your heart muscles. At the same time, it gives a tremendous boost to your lung capacity and teaches you to breathe right. The calories burnt as you indulge in a high intensity skating session can help you shed unwanted fat and transform your flabby body into a gorgeous one. Make sure you have the right footwear, skates, and the protective gears with you.

9. Weight Training:

Do not be astonished as weight training is also a cardio workout. Have you not noticed your heart beating faster as you lift those dumbbells and do chest flies? Studies done on the connection between weight training and hearth health suggest that indulging in at least half an hour of weight training helps in thwarting the risk of heart diseases by about 23%. And how does it help? By doing weights, your fat gets transformed into the healthy lean mass. Your metabolism levels get a boost, your weight levels spiral down to normal. These factors work in harmony, ensuring you a safer heart.

10. Intercourse:

Sex is not a dirty word. It’s one of the most natural ways to keep your body and heart healthy. It helps you de-stress, burns out the excess calories you have piled on, paves way for a good night’s sleep, eases and combats pains, and improves circulation levels. Indulging in sex at least 3 times a week does have a positive impact on your health, as per studies and research.

To reap the maximum benefits for your heart, create a mash up of various exercises. Walk around as much as possible in a day while coupling it with some home badminton or tennis sessions. 4 days of cardio coupled with twice a week of weight training and twice a week yoga – this is a good prescription for keeping your heart healthy. Plus indulge in good eating habits!

So what is your choice of exercise for healthy heart? Do share your tips with us in the comments section below.

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