Top 10 Calf Muscle Exercises You Should Try

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Do you feel tired and exhausted even when you barely move about? This could mean your lethargic lifestyle is beginning to take control of your health. Given the changing world and environment around us, we need to ensure that we are healthy and fit. Health is a state of well-being. Simply put, being fit means you should be able to take up any physical exercise without feeling much exertion, exhaustion or going out of breath in a small time.

Top 10 Calf Exercises:

It is important to understand that while you work towards a firm body, your legs should be able to withstand the exertion and pressure. It is important to work to strengthen the calf muscles to start with. Given here are a few simple and quick calf muscle exercises to get the perfect calf muscles for the amazing looking legs.

1. Press Down the Feet: 

As simple as it is, you can do this as you sit to do your work each day

  • Step 1: Sit straight on the chair
  • Step 2: Place your feet straight on the floor and press the balls on the floor
  • Step 3: As you do so, you will feel that your calf muscles are tightened and released.

Do this exercise for calf muscles as often as possible or you are comfortable with.

2. Skip the Rope: 

We all know how to skip the rope. The simple and great idea is to build the calf muscles. The only two points to remember are:

  • Make sure you land on the balls of our feet with each skip
  • Make sure you are doing a fast and quick session of 3-4 minutes and take rest for a minute
  • Repeat such sets 4-5 each day

3. Both Leg Calf Raise: 

All you need is a wall and balance yourself

  • Step 1: Place yourself at a distance from a wall and rest your hands on the wall for balance
  • Step 2: Slowly pull your body up and balance yourself on your toes
  • Step 3: As you push yourself up, you will feel your calf muscles tighten and relax

Do these repetitions for 15-20 times and do about 4-5 sets for getting well toned calf muscles.

4. Single Leg Raises for Calf: 

If the calf raises are done with one leg, it adds to the intensity of the exercise and adds to the results. The idea is to make the exercise more intense.

  • Step 1: Face a wall, and let your hands rest on the wall for balance.
  • Step 2: Ensure that your ankle, calf, thigh and back are straight
  • Step 3: Push the ball of one foot at a time towards the ground and lift your body without moving to and fro
  • Step 4: Repeat with each leg 15-20 times and do 4-5 sets each time for results

Make sure you pull your abdomen in and make it work for your abs as well.

5. Run Walk Run: 

Nothing tones the legs like running and regular walks. If you are a big fan of walking and running, make sure you run or walk with your body weight balanced on the balls of your feet for best results as well as highly toned calf muscles. Running has a great impact when it comes to one’s calf muscles, not only do they strengthen, you also build stamina and great looking legs.

6. Swim For Great Legs:

Swimming much like running contributes to toning up the whole body and yet at the same time, the way one uses ones leg during swimming to propel oneself or to move in a specific direction, one can get highly toned calf muscles. Regular swimming and exercise is the key to success.

7. Two in One, Make the Knee Circle:  

All you need is to stand straight and maintain poise. The many advantages of this exercise for calf muscles are all listed in Yoga as well.

  • Step 1: Stand straight and put the palms of your hands on your knees or your waist, depending on your comfort level
  • Step 2: Move your knees in a circular motion and breathe normally
  • Step 3: Move slowly in a circular motion and anticlockwise motion, do these circular movements as much as possible and comfortable.

Do this exercise early morning every day for healthy calf muscles and knees, pain will be put to ease.

8. Donkey Raises:

If you are able to manage higher weights, you can try this extreme form of calf muscle building exercise at any time and space, but start it under the guidance of a trained person.

  • Step 1: Position yourself at arm and a half’s distance from any high plank
  • Step 2: Bend over and place your hands on the plank and bend your upper body
  • Step 3: Make someone with healthy body weight to sit on your back, with majority of weight placed towards the rear of the legs.
  • Step 4: Now, raise your legs and press the balls down and push your ankles as high as possible.

Do as many repetitions as you are comfortable with and do sets of 3-4 at least. This calf muscle workout will strengthen your calves and also make your leg muscles stronger and help deal with back pain.

These are a few of the most beneficial and efficient calf exercises anyone can do without any equipment or tools. If you are working out in a gym, you can always try various machines and forms of muscle building exercises. If you are a novice at work outs, train yourself through watching some videos or alternatively, join a gym to get your posture right.

Keep a clear focus on posture, breathing and repetitions in the exercise and ensure you are doing it correctly. It is best to be slow and gradually gain pace so as to avoid any injuries or muscle pulls that can lead to long term muscle damage or cause temporary trouble.

However, it is also important to understand that you might experience some pain due to exercise when you first start off. Don’t confuse your normal pain with discomfort caused by wrong exercise.

Exercise smart and stay fit.

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