Top 10 Best Eyebrow Gels Available

The latest trend in eyebrow styling is to let them grow full and thick. But if you have been inspired by Lily Collins or Sofia Vergara’s hairy arches, you must have noticed that they don’t exactly look bushy or unruly. If you wish to have that kind of control over your thick eyebrows, you have to use eyebrow gels. We have picked the top 10 eyebrow gels for this list.

Top 10 Best Eyebrow Gels:

Read on to know what is there on the list for your eyebrows:

1. MAC Brow Set Clear:

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According to MAC, this brow gel adds ‘shine, style, and grooming’ to your eyebrows. It comes as a transparent gel, which dries quickly. It keeps your eyebrows in shape for long.

2. Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel:

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This product helps you shape the contours and curves of your eyebrows. It is a light gel that does not leave residue on your brow. The mascara wand applicator that comes in the bottle helps in applying the gel.

3. Clear Brow Gel By Anastasia:

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If your eyebrows become sticky or flaky, this bestselling gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a good product to use. It contains chamomilla flower extract and other essential oils. So it keeps your eyebrows smooth and protected.

4. Tweezerman Brow Mousse:

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This long-lasting eyebrow mousse is used by runway models to keep their eyebrows in shape. The brow mousse comes with brow shaping brush to help in applying this feather-light, unscented, high quality hypo-allergenic brow gel with finesse.

5. Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil And Gel:

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This product from Revlon comes with a pencil and gel. The gel component of the product is long lasting and sturdy without turning crusty after drying. Even when you wash your face, the gel stays on. It is slightly colored. But, as it is slightly pigmented, it can be used on any eyebrow.

6. Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel:

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The shaping gel by Milani is perfect for those who want the gorgeous finish of Milani’s wax brow pencil minus the finicky application. This is an inexpensive product compared to the other entries of the list. It keeps your eyebrows in shape and smooth. On drying, the eyebrows do not become crisp or crusty as is the problem with many of the eyebrow shaping gels.

7. Jane Iredale Purebrow Gel:

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As the product description on Jane Iredale website claims, if you want to tint your eyebrows ‘the natural way’, their Purebrow Gel is perfect for you. It comes in blonde, brunette and auburn shades. So, you have the flexibility in terms of the color. This gel helps you keep your brows in shape and impart color that looks natural instead of the obvious made-up look that eyebrow pencils impart. If you have thin, sparse brows, this product is going to make your eyebrows look plumper.

8. Blinc Eyebrow Mousse:

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For thick, long eyebrows that frame your face, Blinc’s eyebrow mousse is a gorgeous product. It has a water resistant form, which has a light tint. So, it enhances your sparse eyebrows to look fuller and holds the unruly strands in shape. It does not fade or smudge when you. It lasts all day. It can be removed easily with a makeup remover.

9. Mary Kay Brow Gel:

top 10 - best eyebrow gel (9)
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This is a matte finish brow gel that keeps your arches smooth and in shape for a long time. It contains panthenol, which makes your skin look smooth and soft. The camellia leaf extract acts as an antioxidant that smoothes out your skin. It grooms your eyebrows without going crusty at the end of the day.

10. Make Up Forever Aqua Brow:

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This is a waterproof eyebrow gel that contains essential oil and carnauba wax that keeps your brows in shape and in style all day long.

No more worrying over sparse looking eyebrows. You can even look pretty with thick and beautiful eyebrows just like you like them with these eyebrow gel products.

All these products have been tried and tested by many who will vouch for them as being the best. So what are you waiting for? Go pick your tube today. Don’t forget to come back and drop a word or two about how they worked for you.

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