The Flexitarian Diet – What Is It & What Are Its Benefits?

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Are you planning to lose weight, but unable to decide which diet to follow? Losing weight is a difficult process. Exercising alone is not enough. You need to complement it with a diet that will help you to burn fat accumulated in the body. It is difficult to decide as there are numerous diets available today, each claiming to be the best. Some will give sure shot results within a short span of time, while some focus on long-term weight loss.

Check out the Flexitarian diet – the diet that is gaining popularity among a section of people. Many feel that it is a fresh approach to eating – smart, balanced and a diet one can stick to. One of the reasons why most diets fail or derail half way through is deprivation. Most diets deprive you of various kinds of food, things that are your favorites. Half way through, you start craving for these foods and then you binge; this eventually derails your diet.

The Flexitarian Diet:

1. Semi-Vegetarian Diet:

The Flexitarian Diet is a vegetarian way to lose weight. I would call it semi-vegetarian as it occasionally allows you to eat meat. Going completely vegetarian is not easy for many; that is why the occasional allowance to consume meat. You eat more plant-based foods and cut down on meat. Research has shown that vegetarians weigh less when compared to meat eaters. Author and dietician, Dawn Jackson Blatner, creator of this diet believes that it is the smartest way for weight loss. The Flexitarian diet plan claims to help you weigh much less than meat eaters. They will have a lower rate of heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Life expectancy increases by 3.6 years for flexitarians.

2. No Packaged Food or Meat:

Packaged food or meals are a complete no in this diet. It is better to cook your own meal with fresh produce. This way you will be sure of what all goes into the recipe. You have to go meatless three to four days a week.

3. Food Groups Allowed:

The Flexitarian diet allows you to add five-food groups to the diet. The first group allows new meat, which includes beans, lentil, tofu, eggs, peas, seeds, and nuts. The second group allows you to eat all fruits and vegetables. All whole grains come in the third group. All kinds of dairy products are included in the fourth group, and sugar and spice in the fifth group where you can have anything from salad dressings to dried herbs, etc.

4. Fewer Calories:

There is a five-week diet that gives you breakfast, lunch snacks and dinner recipes. Your daily allowance is 1500 calories spread over various meals. You can swap recipes to suit your requirements. This five-week Flexitarian diet plan will help lower your body mass index, and make you lose weight. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains make you feel full on fewer calories as compared to meat and other food; you end up eating fewer calories in a day. Combining this diet with exercise or being more physically active will help you shed a lot of weight in the five-week plan.

5. Better Health:

Research has shown that if you shift to a flexitarian diet, your blood pressure and cholesterol remain in check. It is also good for your heart as it keeps heart diseases at bay. The semi-vegetarian diet also helps to control diabetes. No side effect of the diet has been reported as yet. I would confidently say that chances of side effects are very low as you will follow a semi-vegetarian diet where no packaged foods with preservatives or additives are allowed as you are cooking your own meal.

What do you think of the Flexitarian diet? Would you try it? Do leave us your comments below.

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