The 60 Day Plan: Your To-Do List to Get Fit by December


Are you on board the 60 day plan to get sexy by New Year’s Eve this year? Then we’ve got a to-do list for you. This important checklist comes straight from strength and conditioning coach Arnav Sarkar, and will decide how quickly you achieve your fitness goals in the next 60 days. Print it out, pin it up on your fridge door, desk wall, office cubicle, whichever place you’re most likely to end up for most of the day – and follow it to the last letter. Here we go…

10 Things To Do for the 60 Day Plan

by strength and conditioning coach, Arnav Sarkar

  1. Commit to working out 5 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each session. Lift, run, jump rope, swim, kickbox, or do whatever you can, but get at least  5 sessions of 30 minutes each week. 
  2. Make workouts progressively more challenging. 
  3. Plan playtime with your kids, or play sports with your friends whenever you can to burn more calories. 
  4. Reduce stress, and get atleast 7 hours of deep sleep each night. 
  5. Weigh yourself once a week to see if you were on track during the week. Do not weigh yourself everyday. 
  6. Clean up your kitchen and fridge. Get rid of all soft drinks, alcohol, sugary items, refined oils, etc from your kitchen and fridge, you are much less likely to go out 10 times a day to get sweets, but much more likely to reach out to the fridge 10 times, if they are there. 
  7. Eat 3 meals and no more than 1 snack each day. Eating too frequently can cause you to eat more without realizing, so eating 3-4 times a day works great. 
  8. Eat more protein, healthy fats and fiber. 
  9. Drink more water. Even  though winter is approaching, do not let your water intake go below 2 ½ litres a day. 
  10. Limit alcohol to no more than 2 drinks a week. Not that everyone drinks, but those that do must keep this limitation in mind.

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