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Top 10 Lip Primers Available In India

Image : © Mqdee Women are huge fans of lip makeup. And rightly so! After all, lips are the most attractive features of a woman’s face. Let’s take the art of beautifying lips to another level by exploring 10 best lip primers. A lip primer in general is a color …

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7 Best Makeup Tips For Oval Face

 Image : © Mqdee Makeup is a woman’s best friend. But if overdone, this friend can easily turn into a foe! There are some basic makeup steps that you need to follow to get your look just right. Remember – the basics of makeup depend on your skin type, skin …

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11 Must Follow Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Image : © Mqdee Brown colored eyes are common with over 55% of the world’s population having this eye color. Thankfully, a number of eye looks turn out well on brown eyes. But, many people are unaware of the different ways by which you can draw attention to your brown …

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How To Apply Blue Eyeliner?

Image : © Mqdee Applying eyeliner is a child’s play to some. But when it comes to applying colored eyeliners, it becomes a bit tricky. The reason behind is the colored ones may not look as subtle or casual as black does. When we talk of blue eyeliners, they can …

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3 Simple Techniques To Darken Your Eyebrows

 Image : © Mqdee Some people have very light eyebrows and it often seems as if they have no eyebrows at all! Also, there are others who dye their hair and want their eyebrows to have the same shade. So what can they do? Most of them use various techniques …

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