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5 Amazing Benefits Of Flute Music For Meditation

Image : © Mqdee Meditation is a beautiful technique that helps you to live a stress and anxiety free life. It relaxes your senses and makes you feel fresh from within. When you meditate, you shouldn’t be thinking about anyone or anything. The focus should be on your inner self. …

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10 Important Meditation Tips For Beginners

Image : © Mqdee Meditation can bring inner peace by removing the stress. The younger generation is mostly stressed and one of the effective ways to come out of stress is by doing meditation. It is necessary to follow the proper way to practice meditation. The simplest way to start …

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4 Amazing Benefits Of Rear Delt Raise Workout

Image : © Mqdee When it comes to training the deltoid muscles, most fitness enthusiasts focus on the front deltoids and the side deltoids. Being situated at the back of our body, the rear or posterior deltoids often remain neglected. But if you are trying to achieve bigger and stronger …

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18 Simple Steps To Practice Third Eye Meditation

Image : © Mqdee People often believe that meditation is for those who seek spiritual or religious fulfilment. They believe that it is meant for the monks. However, that is not the case. Today, the chaotic world has put so much of stress and pressure on an individual that he …

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What Is Panchakarma And What Are Its Benefits?

Image : © Mqdee Ayurveda in Sanskrit means ‘science of life’. Ayurveda emphasizes a healthy and enlightened lifestyle. It has gained wide acceptance across the world. According to Ayurveda, every human being is a unique creation born from pure consciousness. It descends into 5 great elements which are fire, water, …

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10 Effective Swiss Ball Exercises And Their Benefits

Image : © Mqdee Call it a Swiss ball, exercise ball, gym ball or pezzi ball, this fitness tool based on the principles of functional kinetics has been acknowledged widely for its usefulness in athletic training, physical therapies, yoga and pilates, and general fitness programmes. Developed in 1963 in Switzerland …

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5 Foods You Can Eat Before A Morning Run

 Image : © Mqdee Are you planning to go for a early morning jog? You must be wondering what you should eat (and what not) before you embark. This is a million dollar question, answered by millions of doctors, trainers and runners. The list of ‘To Dos’ seems never ending …

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