T Push Ups – How to Do And What Are Its Benefits?

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For the fitness fanatics out there, no challenge is big enough! They want to push their bodies further to the edge, thriving in the adrenalin rush they get in return.

Push ups are the ultimate test of a person’s stamina, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Doing rigorous repetitions of push ups also increase these qualities in a person. Naturally, push ups have evolved into a number of variations that further test the abilities of a person. One of these variations is the T Push Up, which is a great exercise for giving definition to a number of muscles in the body.

How To Do T Push Ups?

To do a T push up exercise, assume the normal push up stance—place your hands directly and firmly beneath your shoulders. Lower your chest until it is just above the ground, almost but not quite. Now push back up and while you do this, lift your left hand off the floor and reach towards the sky or the ceiling, depending on where you usually do your daily reps. Simultaneously, you have to shift your weight onto your right hand. You have to roll your feet so that the whole weight of your body rests on the right limbs of your body. If you keep your spine straight, you can see how your body forms a tilted ‘T’ making 45 degree angle with the floor. Now roll back to the initial position and repeat. While you do this exercise, contract your core muscles and tighten your hips.

Dumbbell T Push Up:

Doing push ups help tone and shape a number of muscles in the body. Adding some resistance to it would amplify these effects. This resistance is given in the form of weights during training. Using hex dumbbells intensifies the workout and makes the muscles even more powerful. To do this, buy a pair of dumbbells that you are comfortable with- there is no point in using really heavy ones. You want to add resistance that you can actually overcome. Place these weights where your hands are planted during the normal push ups. Now grab the dumbbells and take the normal push up position. After that, you have to perform T push ups following the same method as before. Do repetitions on alternating sides.

Alternating T Push Up:

Here too, you have to take the normal position of push ups—arms straight, hands and toes supporting your body and arms planted on the ground slightly wider than your shoulders. Like normal push ups, sink to the ground and push up. When you push up, bring your right arm up and extend as high as you can while you roll your right foot up and rest your entire body weight on the left arm and leg. After holding this ‘T’ position for sometime, repeat with the left limbs of your body. Due to this alternating of sides, this exercise is called alternating T push up.


There are several benefits of doing T Push Ups exercises. There are several sports which can be played with greater efficiency if regular T push ups are done. These are martial arts, soccer, softball, football, volleyball and baseball. The T push up is an amalgamation of pilates and calisthenics, so it is great in working out your chest. It also works on the shoulders, obliques and triceps. With regular repetitions of this exercise, you will notice a change in your health, posture, and strength. The dumbbell T push ups increase your muscle coordination and the movement of your hands and feet.

Overall, T push up is a slightly more difficult version of regular push ups. With practice you will be able to do either of these without any problem at all. Dumbbell push ups work out the triceps, middle back, abs, shoulders, chest, obliques and your glutes.

So, what is your highest push up count? Have you tried the T Push Up? Did it help you? Do share with us in the comments section below!

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