Surprising Beauty Benefits Of Oats

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You may already know about the health benefits of oats and how oats are the most ideal breakfast for weight loss. But did you know that you can use oats in your beauty routine too? Oats have shown several beauty benefits including acne protection and effective exfoliation. Read on to know about many more of these beauty benefits of oats.

For acne
Cooked oats act as an effective remedy to treat acne. Boil some oats until they softens and then let it cool for a few minutes. Use this on your face and leave it on for about 10 minutes before you rinse it off. Oats will remove the excess oil and acne causing bacteria from your skin.

As a dry shampoo
A dry shampoo is a good way to tackle oily scalp. But instead on investing in expensive dry shampoos, try using oats to do the same. Blend together oats and an equal measure of baking soda in a food processor till it forms a powder. Use this powder to massage your hair and roots to reduce the excess oil.

As a body scrub
You can also mix two spoons of oats and one spoon of baking soda to make an effective exfoliating body scrub. This scrub is gentle on your skin and yet it will banish away the dead and dry cells that cause your skin to look dull.

As a natural cleanser

Oats can also be used as a natural cleanser to remove dirt and oil from the pores of your skin. Using oats will also leave your skin soft and smooth and will also reduce the size of your pores. Soak oats in water and milk and use it on your face to cleanse it.

For sunburns
Oats and oatmeal are effective to soothe sunburns. Cook some oat and allow it to cool for a while. Now use this on the affected area. These cooked oats can exfoliate and treat the sunburnt skin faster.

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