Stunning Emerald Eye Makeup – Tutorial With Detailed Steps

Image : © Mqdee

Raise your hands if you are bored of the same old eye makeup! I am too! So, are you looking to give your eye makeup a colorful twist? Bored of the same blues, blacks and reds? If you want to try something different, yet sexy—you got to try the emerald eye look!

Today’s tutorial is all about sexy eyes! This gorgeous rich emerald eye makeup can transform you from drab to fab with a few swishes of your makeup brush! So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your brushes and let’s go!

Products Used:

Let’s have a look at the products that are used to create the emerald eye makeup look:

Products Used:

  • Lotus Herbals Kajal Black
  • Revlon eyeshadow palette in sand
  • Loreal Million Lashes Mascara
  • Elf 144 Ultimate eyeshadow palette for dark green, medium and dark brown eyeshadows
  • Revlon eye kajal in green

Emerald Eye Makeup Look:

Follow the steps to create the emerald eye makeup look:

Step 1:

Emerald Eye Makeup Look
Image : © Mqdee

The first lesson of makeup—always start with hydration!

Gently pat your favorite under eye cream to make the delicate area moisturized and remove dryness. Remember, even the slightest issue of dry skin can make your makeup appear patchy. Apply the cream and blend it gently using your ring finger till it dissolves into the skin. People with darker and pigmented eyelids should use salmon or orange colored corrector before concealing to make sure that your dark circles are well hidden and also to get an even base for the eye makeup. Then, set it with a compact powder to stop creasing of the products applied earlier.

Step 2:

Emerald Eye Makeup Look (2)
Image : © Mqdee

Pick a matte brown eyeshadow in a blending brush and softly blend it out at the eye socket area to act as a transition color in the eye makeup. It will create a soft smokey look. Gently blend it away into the crease by imitating a soft circular motion.

Pick a creamy dark green kajal and cover up your entire eyelid area. Don’t worry about being precise as we’ll be smudging the whole thing in the next step.

Step 3:

Emerald Eye Makeup Look (3)
Image : © Mqdee

Use a smudger or pencil brush and gently blend the sharp edge of the green kajal. If the kajal applied has a nice creamy texture, it will blend effortlessly. Work in quick motions to blend the formula for a softer look.

Step 4:

Emerald Eye Makeup Look (4)
Image : © Mqdee

Now, pick a deep green satin finish eyeshadow and pack it to the entire eyelid area.

Step 5:

Emerald Eye Makeup Look (5)
Image : © Mqdee

Take a dark matte brown eyeshadow in a flat brush and pack it to the outer crease area of your eyes. Blending is very important to get this eye look right. Keep blending softly to create a smokey look as stark and sharp-edged eyeshadow will not look sensuous.

Step 6:

Emerald Eye Makeup Look (6)
Image : © Mqdee

Take a creamy black kajal and line your upper lash line thickly. Do not line your eyes by winging it outside your natural eye shape. Then pick a smudger or use your tiny finger to blend the black kajal on the upper as well as the lower lash line to give a smokey edge to the eye makeup.

Emerald Eye Makeup Look (7)

Image : © Mqdee

Apply the dark green eyeshadow we used earlier to the lower lash line. Then, line your waterline with a creamy black kajal. Follow it by curling your eye lashes, and then apply mascara to create an illusion of fuller eyelashes. As I wanted to create an intense eye makeup look, I attached a pair of false lashes. But, you can totally skip this step if you want to! Apply a highlighter champagne eyeshadow to the brow bone.

That was an interesting twist, wasn’t it? Smokey eyes, but with a difference! This look will surely spice up your dull makeup. Yes, the traditional eye makeup is ‘safe’. But why play safe when the risks can deliver such amazing results?

Try this look and don’t forget to share your experience with us! We look forward to your feedback. Leave us a comment.

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