Stop Doing These 5 Things If You Want To Stay Healthy

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Do you feel down in the dumps the moment you get out of the bed in the morning? Are anxiety and frustration your regular comrades? Does lack of enthusiasm kill your joy and create havoc at your workplace? If you are nodding your head now, then fret not, you have come to the right place. You might just have to stop some of the things mentioned below to give your life a swift turn-around.

1. Skipping Meals:

If you happen to be practising this on a daily basis, then it’s high time you rethink. Skipping meals is a worse practice than you can ever imagine. Your body needs proper and balanced diet to stay alert and keep away from fatigue. Most people think skipping meals can aid weight loss and tend to starve themselves. Understand that this is a big mistake. When you skip meals, you only feel hungrier and end up gobbling more. The best way is to maintain a balanced diet all through the day.

2. Emotional Eating:

Do you have the habit of munching something each time you feel depressed, angry or bored? Hold on. That’s a subtle and delicate digestive bag you have got down there, and not a garbage bin. Your stomach isn’t a dump-yard in which you can allow your emotional appetite to dispose its junk cravings. Eat only when you are hungry. And make sure it is only healthy food you are taking in.

3. Pessimistic Thinking:

This, by far, is the most poisonous drug ever known to humanity. The irony is that it is self induced. And the misfortune is that the person who is thinking negative doesn’t know they are doing so. We are so habituated to destructive thinking patterns that rarely we realise what we are doing to ourselves. Developing an optimistic attitude can alter your life in amazing ways. Most of the things around aren’t as bad as they seem to be. It is just your mind playing the dirty trick.

4. Sleeping Less:

Human body is a machine. And just like any machine requires rest and recharging, our bodies also need sufficient amounts of sleep. Most of us, burdened by the monotony of work, tend to sleep less and focus more on our tasks. But the thing is, you can’t really focus if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep.

Adequate sleep increases our productivity levels and helps us in getting our tasks done faster. So the next time you plan to skip your sleep in order to complete that important assignment or get done with a crucial task, think twice. You might be giving away too much for too little.

5. Ignoring Exercise:

If you don’t use it, you lose it; let that be the vehicle you drive, the gadget you operate or the muscle you flex. Exercise is an effective way to boost your health and keep your energy flowing at optimum levels. Most people give preference to lame excuses than to regular exercise. Don’t wait till you have the necessary equipment or till you join a gym. Exercise routines as simple as push ups or crunches (which can be performed at home) can go a great way in building health. A study has shown that individuals who never did any exercise lost about seven years of life compared to the ones who did. Now, that isn’t a wise bargain, is it?

6. Sitting Continuously For Long Hours:

Whether it is at your home, office or any other place, continuously sitting in one place is not a trivial issue to be ignored. Sitting for long hours without any movement slows metabolism and weakens muscles. Make sure you get up and move around for every couple of hours. Stretch your muscles from time to time. This is beneficial for you.

7. Late Night Meals:

Having meals on time is as important as having a healthy meal. Having meals at-least a couple of hours before you hit the bed prevent obesity and other severe health complications. Also, late night snacking might result in indigestion which interferes with your sleep.

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