Spark Solution Diet – What Is It And How Does It Work?

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With a special occasion looming large, the first thing we worry about is ‘what to wear’! But do you think you’ll fit into that amazing new dress you bought? Are you worried that the camera will highlight those extra kilos on your friend’s wedding three weeks from now? Have you gained a few pounds during the holidays and want to lose them quickly? The Spark Solution diet, conceived by the online diet and health community, is the perfect diet regime for you to follow. It claims that a structured, low calorie diet along with exercise for two weeks will quickly restore your body weight to its earlier status.

Spark Solution Diet:

How Does it Work?

The Spark Solution book gives detailed information about how to follow the diet and exercise routine for two weeks. According to the authors of the Sparks Solution book, most people fall out of their diet and exercise routine after one or two weeks. So these first two weeks are crucial. Details of meal plans and exercise for the first 14 days are given in the book. The book also gives guidance on how to continue the routine for third, fourth and the weeks beyond.

How Effective is it?

It has been established, both by research and observation that those who diet and exercise simultaneously lose weight quicker than those who only diet. The Sparks Solution diet combines both of these, which makes it an effective weight loss regime. The diet asks the weight loss enthusiasts to keep their calorie consumption below 1500 a day and exercise at the same time. Together, this combination is bound to cut down a pound or two. However, the Spark Solution diet has not been examined with thorough scientific objectivity, so the effectiveness is left to be decided by its followers. It dictates the dieters to eat a lot of fiber through fruits and vegetables, which promotes cardiovascular health. The exercise and limited consumption of fat also plays a role in this.

How Easy it is to Maintain?

The biggest USP of this diet is its convenience of use. It provides very detailed guidelines that allow indecisive dieters to follow with ease. The spark diet solution also considers that fact that satiety after a meal is important. In this diet, although you consume a lot less calories than an average American meal, you consume around 38 grams of fiber, which keeps you full for a longer period of time. There are a number of alternatives given in each meal plan. So you can alter the lunch, breakfast or dinner menu according to your taste while complying with the guidelines.

How Does it Conform to Different Food Lifestyles and Restrictions?

Spark Solution diet leaves room for people following different food lifestyles. Those who stick to gluten-free diets can easily follow the Spark Solution diet. The gluten containing grains like wheat, barley, rye can be easily replaced by gluten free substitutes found in the supermarkets. The diet can even be made kosher or halal. With the help of the meal plan and nutritional information provided in the book, you can also keep track of your sodium consumption. However, it is not ideal for vegans and vegetarians. The book, for example, includes meals constituting 16 to 35 percent protein. Vegans and vegetarians can tweak their food and substitute with high protein grains or nuts. But this may violate the calorie intake limit.

Apart from these important points, regular exercise is required to accompany the diet. Daily workout for the first two weeks can invigorate the body and metabolism to burn off excess fat. The Spark Solution book also contains general practical fitness guidelines that will help you stay healthy and fit. The book offers illustrated examples of exercises, which are really easy to follow.

So, is this THE diet? That depends on you! Any weight loss regime, no matter how effective it is, will fall flat if the dieter has no self control. The efficacy of a diet depends on your will power and determination. Come on, take a deep breathe and dive in! A few kilos off your body and you’ll be ready to rock the party season!

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