Slim Fast Diet Plan – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

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Losing weight and having that body to die for is something we all desire. But for weight loss aspirants, who aspire for the so called hour glass figure, the grueling journey towards weight loss is filled with food that feels like punishment for the taste buds. Truth be told, a lot of weight loss aspirants fail to stick to the recommended diet simply because they find the suggested foods and beverages too bland. For those obese men and women, who want to shed excess flab, without being severe on their taste buds, the Slim Fast diet can be the perfect choice!

Origin of Slim Fast Diet Plan:

The origin of slim fast diet can be traced to the Thompson Medical Company. S. Daniel Abraham made slim fast diet popular during the 1970s. He was involved in various nutrition and healthcare related studies and activities. This is one diet that is a favorite with several showbiz personalities. Now the slim fast products are made and marketed by Unilever.

Basics of Slim Fast Diet:

At its core, slim fast diet plan includes protein enriched versions of meal replacement shakes. It is more than just protein powder supplements though. The diet proponents encourage followers to have two shakes every day, followed by a dinner replete with recommended foods. The dinner has to include a small amount of carbohydrate, a vegetable, and lean protein parts. Like other diet plans, slim fast diet plan has also seen many variations over the decades. Now, you can include three snacks every day apart from the dinner and a couple of shakes.

Theory behind the Slim Diet Plan:

Proponents of slim fast diet are of the view that you can regulate fat metabolism and control your waistline by controlling portion sizes and measuring calorie intake. Slim-Fast diet products are used in place of breakfast, snacks and lunch, cutting down your daily calorie intake. The meal shake taken in the morning kick starts the metabolism in the body. It is carried forward by the lunch and dinner. The snacks also keep the process going between the big meals. Slim-Fast diet plan is well suited for obese people who want to shed 20 pounds or so, which requires 8 to 10 weeks. As it is, most people cannot stick to this regimen for a longer period.

Benefits of Slim Fast Diet Plan:

No Room for Supplements:

While some weight loss diet followers can take supplement; that is not the case with the followers of the slim fast diet regime. Slim-Fast products have enough amounts of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals for adults. However, the followers may not get adequate dietary fiber and may need to consume fiber rich foods to keep the body loaded with fiber.

Convenience for Followers:

As a matter of fact, sticking to the slim-fast diet plan is easier compared to general weight loss regimens. The snacks and meals can be prepared and gulped down easily. While it does not encourage alcohol consumption, it is not prohibited altogether. When you are on this diet, you are allowed to eat out occasionally. However, you have to stick to light dinner or lunch at restaurants. You may preferably have steamed vegetables as side dishes and order grilled dishes. The plan is ideal for obese people who lead a hectic schedule at work or home.

Dealing with Boredom in Taste:

A major complaint most slim diet plan followers have is about the blandness of foods or having same flavors every day. This is not likely to be the case when you are on the slim fast diet. Slim-Fast’s products are available in a wide range of flavors including peanut butter, chocolate mint and French vanilla.

Role of Exercise:

A lot of diet plans stress on the role of exercise as complementary or supplementary to weight loss. Slim fast diet is no exception. It advises followers to engage in non strenuous physical activities for half an hour every day.

Losing weight is not easy. No diet can give you an hour glass figure overnight. For that, you’ll need will power and patience. The slim fast diet can help you lose weight but only if you stick to it! Try it and am sure you’ll be happy with the slimmer you!

Have you heard of the Slim Fast diet plan? Have you tried it? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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