Simple 3 Step Cardio Kickboxing Workout Routine For You

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Have you ever felt like punching someone right in the face? Well, I have, and trust me it would feel so satisfying, but social conventions dictate otherwise. Boo Hoo… The easy solution is to channel the aggression and use it to your advantage .Well you can knead some dough but how about something which can help you cut the gut and lose the fat in the meanwhile? Welcome to the wonderful world of kickboxing. Kickboxing is an allover fat buster and tones your arms, legs and core.

Kickboxing is essentially a stand up workout which includes cardio by punching and kicking at your imaginary foes. Cardio kickboxing can burn upwards of 400 calories an hour (some estimates peg it at even 800 calories burnt per hour ) and require little or no equipment. You may indulge in a punching bag or even enroll in a gym but if you tend to do it alone then kickboxing may also be practiced at home through a cardio kickboxing workout routine.

As any exercise, kickboxing follows a routine of warm up and aerobic exercises followed by a cool down .You can use the following as a guide for embarking on your own fitness regime and you can modify it at any time.

Cardio Kickboxing Workout

1. Warm Up:

Like any exercise, program warm -up is an essential part of the workout. Through warm up you are loosening and warming up muscles to prevent any injuries. You can start off by

  • Shoulder Rotations: Rotate your arms clock wise and anti-clockwise one at a time. You will be using a lot of energy for punches and jabs. Hence, it’s essential to loosen up those arms and shoulders.
  • Hip Circles: Rotate your hips clockwise and anticlockwise for at-least 30 seconds to loosen up your core.
  • Jumping Jacks / Rope skips
  • Skier Squats: Stand with legs shoulder width apart and lower your body keeping your back straight as if you are sitting on a seat and repeat.
  • Stretching
  • Side Lunges: Open your legs wide and bend one knee on the side while keeping the other side, repeat for the other knee.

2. Punches:

  • Jabs / Cross: Here you can indulge in all the aggression you want, as you are essentially punching people in their face. For cross you should stand with one leg forward and the opposite hand punching .For jabs – you can angle your body into a fighting stance and bounce on your feet / rocking motion .These are quick and sharp motions.
  • Hook: Aahhh Interesting! This is what is termed as a mean hook. Here again assume a fighting stance with the body angled to one side and feet are hip width apart. The target is the ears of the opponent. Make semicircles with your lead arm as if trying to catch the bad guy on his ears or cheek. Add a lot of power and see the sweat pouring in. As usual, try to control the motion as I have seen if you jerk too much, then that puts a lot of pressure on your neck. Keep it soft.
  • Uppercut: Try and punch the baddie on his chin. In the same stance as above, bend your knees slightly and try to turn and punch with your fist pointing upwards .Keep one fist near your cheek and bounce (recoil).

3. Kicks:

Here is your chance to make like Jackie Chan or even Akshay Kumar when he fights 20 goons all at once. Using a combination of kicks and punches provides a unique jolt to your metabolism and you can watch the excess fat melt way. You can tone and tighten your legs.

  • Front Kicks: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and kick in front.
  • Side Kicks: Maintain your balance and kick on the side. Make sure your knees are soft and slightly bent.

These are just a few moves that you can incorporate into your cardio workout programs. You can personalize your own routine. If nothing else then consider taking it up as self-defense tool. Here is a sample plan.

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