Reduce the Risk of Cancer with Apples

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Apples hold the highest order when it comes to the benefits. They are available all year round in various sizes and colours. But what makes apple a cancer-friendly fruit? Find out why apples are one of the best fruits to prevent lifestyle diseases including cancer.

Apples are a good source of fibre and contain vitamin A and C, and magnesium. Apple sauce is also considered a natural sweetner which can be used in desserts.

Benefits of eating apple:

1) Maintains oral or dental hygiene.
2) Controls blood pressure.
3) Lowers the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.
4) Reduces cholesterol in the body.
5) Improves the immune system.
6) Induces weight loss.

Apples and cancer prevention:

The antioxidant, procyanidin is present in apples and this helps fight cancerous cell growth. Procyanidins activate cells that destroy the cancerous cells. Apples are considered effective at preventing colon cancer, but it is recommended to eat an apple a day for the desired effect.

For best effect, do not peel the skin of the apple but eat it whole instead. The skin contains essential nutrients and vitamins to fight cancerous cells.

Besides apples, the antioxidant procyanidin is also present in red wine and cocoa.

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