Red Hair Color Guide – Which Color Suits You The Best?

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Bored with the color of your hair? Looking to reinvent the way you look with a new hair color? Are you sure the color you’ve chosen will work for you? So many questions! Getting a new hair color is not a decision that should be taken in a hurry. Many things need to be factored in before you zero in on the hair color that’ll give you a completely different look.

A number of things have to be considered before and after coloring the hair. If the condition of the hair is not good before coloring, then the hair has to be improved with moisturizing, oiling or going to hair spas for treatments. After the health of the hair is restored, then one should choose the color according to their skin tone.

If you really want to change your hair color, then a hair color chart is the most useful tool for determining the shades to choose from. Blonde, Brunette, Red and Black are the four primary colors.

How to Choose a Red Hair Color Depending on Skin Type?

There are many different shades or versions of the ever popular Red color such as auburn, magenta, strawberry-blonde, orange-red, copper, blue-red, ginger, and purple-reds. So, if your heart is set on red, which version should you choose? Maybe we can help you!

1. Red Hair Color for Light Skin Tone:

A light strawberry blonde or a bright copper or red colour goes best with people with fair skin. Fair-skinned people should avoid red wine colour or burgundy as these will make them look pale.

2. Red Hair Color for Medium Skin Tones:

Whitish complexioned people should always choose medium coppery blonde to medium auburn shades. They should avoid dark hues as these will make their skin look more yellow.

3. Red Hair Color for Dark Skin Tones:

A medium auburn to chestnut brown shade looks beautiful on darker skin tones. These people should steer clear of super red hues.

How to Choose a Red Hair Color Shade?

If you want to colour your hair red, the first thing you must tell your hairstylist is the kind of red color you are attracted to. There are four main red families. A hair colour guide gives us a clear understanding and helps us to differentiate between the different red hair dye shades. The four main shades are:

1. Ginger: 

This shade is similar to the color that is found on someone who is naturally a red head. It is lighter and a less intense shade of red and is perfect for people with fair skin and light eyes. It is highly recommended that one should not go for a darker shade of this colour, which can make the red colour look dim.

2. Copper/Orange:

This version is the most popular shade from the red colour family. This shade is vibrant and reflects a lot of light. The advantage of this colour is that it goes with any skin tone. Bright orange or copper looks gorgeous on girls who have a great sense of style.

3. Blue Reds:

The name does not mean that the shade has a blue tone but it simply means that it is a true red color like the color of a red velvet cake! This shade looks good with any skin tone as long as it is applied correctly. If you are one of those rebels who likes to experiment with her looks, this shade is the one for you! It will make you look glamorous and adventurous!

4. Purple Reds:

This colour is similar to black cherry, plums or berries. This colour goes well with an olive skin tone and someone who has natural dark hair. Fair skin tone people should avoid this shade. If you have wavy hair, go for this shade; it lends a little dimension to the hair and gives you a whole new persona.

A red color for hair looks amazing but it does come with some disadvantages. Red color rinses out very quickly, therefore one should be prepared to visit the salon every three to four weeks. Synthetic red tends to fade very fast. One should always use a color protecting shampoo to keep the color longer. Always ask the stylist to color the hair extra bright so that it fades after some weeks and we get the perfect shade. One has to apply the red color over and over again for it to stick to the hair. Be patient and give it time.

Red color has so many shades to choose from that you will have no difficulty finding the one that works for you. Before experimenting with this color, be sure to test it, so that you know that is not lighter than your natural hair color and also to determine whether it can be one’s long-term color.

Color your hair but be aware of what you are getting into and what it entails. Colored hair needs extra attention, so be ready to spend some time on your hair care regime. The gorgeous hair you’ll have is well worth the effort, right?

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