How to get pinky soft lips?

Does looking at those posters always makes you feel jealous? Are you wishing you had soft pink lips too? Well it’s not such a far away dream. Pigmentation is a common problem.Lips can tend to go dark for a few reasons. Sometimes it’s what you eat and drink. For example …

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2 Simple Pimple Treatments For Oily Skin

Pimples are probably the most feared and persistent problem any woman with oily skin will complain about! Read below to know what pimples are and what the pimple treatments are for oily skin. What are Pimples? Pimples are caused by clogged pores, and the sebum secretions of oily skin. Oily …

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Amla For Hair Growth – Is It True?

Who doesn’t want their locks to be luscious & long? We all do! Shiny, long and strong hair like in those shampoo commercials are a dream for all women. One of the secret routes to that way is the Indian Gooseberry or amla as well it is known in India. …

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How To Get Glowing Skin?

We all desire for a clear and glowing skin. But with stressful jobs and busy lifestyles, we don’t have enough time to take care of our skin. This negligence results in skin problems like acne, blemishes, dullness, dead skin patches, blackheads, whiteheads and more. We are left plagued by questions …

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7 Ayurvedic Face Packs For Glowing Skin

When it comes to skin care, we often pay more emphasis to our face in comparison to other regions. We all wish for a healthy facial skin because it helps boost one’s confidence. Ayurveda is the most useful and successful means for achieving this purpose. You will be amazed to …

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7 Simple Steps To Do A Facial Massage At Home

A facial massage is a pleasant and relaxing experience. It makes you feel fresh, stress- free, and rejuvenated. According to beauticians and skin experts, facial massage a once in a month can do wonders for your skin. Not only the skin will get rid of all the dirt, excess oil …

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Top 5 Hair Colors For Dusky Beauties

The color of your skin has a big impact on your hair color. Sporting the right hair color can make a huge difference to your appearance. It is very easy to walk into a salon and choose a hair color from the catalogue. However have you ever thought of your skin …

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7 Effective Ayurvedic Treatments To Stop Hair Fall

Is hair fall getting you down? Does the bunch of hair in the shower depress you every morning? Do not worry! Forget chemicals and over the counter products to combat hair loss. Try Ayurvedic treatment instead! Ayurveda is a form of alternative medicine, which dates back more than 5000 years. …

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5 Best Eyebrow Threading Machines

Nothing makes your face look more attractive and polished than well groomed brows. Originated in India over 6000 years ago, eyebrow threading is nowadays is a widely practiced technique across the world. The usual method involves in it is shaping of the brows by using two strands of cotton thread. …

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5 Surprising Natural Products To Treat Gray Hair

Today, people have become conscious about their appearance, and the need for grooming is no longer limited only to women. For both men and women, emergence of gray streaks on the head can be a cause of serious concern. Graying of hair is inevitable, but when it happens prematurely, people …

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10 Symptoms & Treatments For Dry Skin Allergies

A supple, glowing and perfect skin is something we all desire, especially today’s youth. But due to various reasons, perfect skin remains just a dream for many. Skin is broadly of 3 types – normal, dry and oily. The combinations of the 3 also exist. With increased exposure to varied …

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10 Dangerous Side Effects Of Mangosteen

Mangosteen-the name might appear new to many of us, but it is a popular fruit in Southeast Asia, renowned for its health benefits. The pericarp or rind of this fruit contains xanthones and has been used in the treatment of a variety of health conditions. It is believed to be …

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